What office chair is everyone using?

Saw the latest reviews on Wirecutter and the Steelcase Gesture and the Herman Miller Aeron were the top two picks.

Just wondering what brand of office chair is everyone using?

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I use a Herman Miller Embody chair, which I bought several years ago when I had a back injury. It was almost too adjustable and took lot of trial and error to get it right. Once I did, it was terrific, though I’ve had to keep other people out of my chair so they don’t undo my settings :smile:


I’m sitting on a Herman Miller Embody too.

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I have been using the Håg Capisco for years and years. I find it very comfortable.


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I got a Herman Miller Aeron last year. It’s a pricey option, but it’s a really nice chair with a great warranty. After doing a lot of research and looking at other options (e.g. Steelcase), this one was the best fit for me.


I have the Knoll Generation chair. Very comfortable and ergonomic.

I’ve used in an office setting the Herman Miller Aeron and the Knoll Life chairs, and both are great options as well.

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I do consulting in a government agency that seems to have a different chair model in every office and conference room – dozens, actually. I figure the motto is “we’ve never met a chair we didn’t like”. So I’ve managed over my engagement to informally check out many varieties and concluded that their Aeron’s hold up the best against long-term usage. Anything with faux leather or fabric covers will die an uncomfortable death.

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I never liked the Aeron (don’t like sitting on mesh) and used an old Steelcase 4 caster chair (70’s vintage) I uncovered at my last job (I’m now retired). It finally gave up and I looked at their chair inventory and got one of these https://www.amazon.com/Alera-ALEEL42ME10B-Elusion-Mid-Back-Multifunction/dp/B003G4OJK4/ref=sr_1_4?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1535301031&sr=1-4&keywords=Alera+ALEEL42ME10B. Note that they would have bought me any chair I wanted, but I thought this one was just fine. My Costco office chair I used at home for over ten years finally wore out so I bought the Alera chair for myself.

I have had my Aeron for 17 years. I just replaced the piston. They last a long time. I love mine too.


This one is on my wishlist, have to find it in the USA.



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My Steelcase is 21 years old and still going strong. Seemed expensive at the time but I’ve gotten a couple decades of heavy use out of it.

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I’ve had an Aeron for about 15 years. I love it because I don’t think about it. It just works. Managed to get one to use in the lab at school too, thank goodness. Hours in the chair everyday, and the chair, my back, legs, etc. just aren’t an issue.
There are adjustability options, and come in three sizes from A (small) to C (large). I am 6’ 2”, 220# and have a C, though a B would have worked too. There’s a grid you can find online to find your size.
The pellicle fabric is very comfortable, and supports without getting hot.
I just bought one for my girlfriend that was advertised on the NextDoor app for $285. She absolutely loves hers too.
The warranty is great (12 years), they last a long time. Well worth the investment.

I’m using a Herman Miller Embody. It’s comfortable for me and very adjustable. It’s one of the few office chairs I’ve used that works for for me both sitting and reclining.

I used an Aeron until a couple of years ago. I know that a lot of people love them but for me it was at best okay. I was never really that happy with the back support and trying to recline it made that worse. The “waterfall edge” on the seat would sometimes cause sharp pains in the backs of my thighs. This got worse over time. Eventually I joined the “I hate my Aeron” club. I know that the newer models come with a mesh that has a graduated tension. Perhaps it would have helped but mine predated that.

My wife has an Aeron that’s nearly 20 years old now and she still loves it. I’ve had to replace the wheels a couple of times and the lift piston once but other than that it has had no problems.

There’s really no substitute for sitting in one of these before buying it. It seems to have gotten harder though in recent years to find an office furniture store that has a wide selection.

Another +1 for the Herman Miller Embody.

I found local Herman Miller and Steelcase dealers that had chairs available to try and was able to spend a week each with the Embody and the Steelcase Gesture before I made my buying decision. I was glad I did since while I’d initially been leaning towards the Gesture, I found it very uncomfortable when sitting in it for long periods. Not something I would have been able to figure out just sitting in them for a few minutes at a store.

The Herman Miller retailer also had special discounts available that brought the price down below what I could find online.

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I have a Herman Miller Aeron for my home office. I’ve had it for over 10 years I think. Great chair. I have had to replace the foam inserts once but that was very easy and cheap (they will degrade over time.

I did see this chair online recently and love the look - I almost purchased one but haven’t’ yet. I like the way it looks but it’s very inexpensive so it makes me think it won’t be very comfortable. I do like the look though.

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Another embody vote (once you get it adjusted).

My old Herman Miller work chair finally fell apart, and I wanted something with a high back so I could rest my head. Being simultaneously curious and cheap, I decided to take a chance on IKEA’s most expensive office chair, the $229 Markus. I’ve had it for around 6 months and I’d give it a solid ‘B’ grade: not the most comfortable, but pretty acceptable for multi-hour-long sessions. I’ve needed to tighten the armrests twice, and if it happens again (probably will) I’ll apply some Loctite.

I’m sure this won’t last as long as my HM chair, and when it goes I’ll probably spring for an Embody or Leap. It’s okay, I’m just not in love with it. (I do like the high back very much, and will definitely make that a requirement for my next chair.)

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It doesn’t look like I used mine long enough for this to be an issue (my problem with the front seemed to be more related to a combination of tightness in my legs and give in the mesh) but I should check my wife’s older Aeron. Thanks for the tip.

Oh yeah. The Markus post above reminded me that one of the arms on my Aeron wouldn’t stay in position. I used a velcro tie on mine.

Herman Miller Aeron +1. Used to have a HM Mirra 2, which is also a great chair, but on a slightly lower price point than the Aeron.

I have the Herman Miller Aeron here in Thailand. It is going over 10 years. A few years back the mesh tore and the company replaced it onsite quickly and at no charge. Great Customer service and I can sit in it for hours which I do