What sales CRM are you using?

Just curious, what sales CRM’s are other free agents using to track their clients and sales?

I’m using Pipedrive and LOVE it. I find it’s a very simple, affordable CRM with all the tools you need and none of the extra fluff. Other CRM’s are better for big businesses, but Pipedrive is perfect for independent workers. It integrates really well with Zapier so I’ve been able to automate a lot of my sales process e.g. when a deal is “Won” I set up client onboarding tasks in Asana.

Would love to hear what others are using!

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This looks great! Thanks for bringing Pipedrive to our attention!

Much to my own shame, I am just using a collection of spreadsheets, I keep having this idea of writing my own but am yet to get to it

You’re welcome! I’m slightly biased, I’ve been using Pipedrive for years and so I became one of their certified partners. I now consult to companies to help with account set up, training, automation etc. It’s funny, I’m helping a lot of clients which from other CRM’s like Hubspot, etc. to Pipedrive as most people find it a lot easier and more affordable.

Shameless plug - If anyone would like an extended 45-day trial (normally just 15 days), you can use my affiliate link to sign up.

Our team has been using Highrise. I will have to check out Pipedrive though. Thanks for the recommendation!

We use Salesforce. It’s an awesome platform, but it’s slightly more expensive that for instance Pipedrive. :sweat_smile:

It was a pretty easy choice though, since Salesforce consulting and implementation is one of the things we do.

I love Daylite (made by Marketcircle). It works on Mac and iOS, so if you’re on PC or Android it’s not an option. One of the great things about Daylite is how well it integrates with Apple Mail. I run a small business and also work as a consultant for a larger company. I track everything in Daylite - contacts, projects, opportunities, calendar/appointments, email. It can manage tasks too - but I use Omnifocus for that. Daylite can work for teams - but I’ve never used it that way. If you’re on Mac/iOS, Daylite is definitely worth checking out.

I was using Highrise before. Now, I am using a combination of BusyCal and BusyContacts as a way to keep in touch with my network.

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Has anybody tried Cloze? I’ve heard a couple people mention Pipedrive. Is that still worth looking at?
I have what started as a “side hustle” that has grown to be more than a side hustle and it’s time to find a better tool than the combination of duct tape and bubble gum I’ve been using til now. I’m told Salesforce has something that may fit my needs, but I would imagine it would be overkill in a lot of ways. Thanks!!

I use Zoho CRM, it is not the best looking but has a ton of automation and scripting features. It is also apart of Zoho One which includes all of the other Zoho apps, this can make CRM even more powerful by using Zoho Analytics which is their equivalent to Power BI

@pianoxcape, I’m testing out Daylite, and wonder if you have any tips for using Omnifocus and Daylite together? I need the CRM functionality of Daylite, but don’t want to move my project management out of Omnifocus.

Zapier has OF/Daylite integrations:

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Thanks, I’ll take a look. Every time I get into Daylite, I think “this is too much.” Then about every six months I think, “I need something like Daylite.”