What Screenshot app do you use in MacOS?

This might seem more of a Mac weaker user question but how are you guys getting screenshots on Mac OS? Is there something built in or do you use a third party app? I’ve never had to do it on a Mac and I always used a screenshot app in windows which I can’t recall at the moment.

Edit: Is this what you are all using or is there something else?

I’m using Annotate currently. It has a lot of features and a complicated UI that kinda makes me miss Skitch, but it gets the job done. I feel like I just need to sit down with it and learn how to use all the tools.

Using the methods described in your link. Also have location and file type customized using Onyx (or Tinker Tool, I’m not sure which has both of those settings, maybe both).

I usually use the keyboard shortcuts. But there is also Grab in your utilities folder which allows the same sorts of screenshots and a few enhancements.

I somehow acquired an app called Cloudapp, which has some nice screenshot features included in the free version. It might be worth checking out.

Command Shift 4 then drag the area you want to capture. If you want a specific window, tap Space after the above combination and choose which window with a single click. If you prefer the screenshot in the clipboard rather than a PNG on your desktop, include Control in the keyboard combination.


Have used SnapnDrag Pro for years. Very helpful when putting together presentations, can drag image grabs straight into Keynote

I use SnappyApp, which adds annotation and sharing features.

Also ‘floats’ the screengrab over everything else until I dismiss it, which might not sound like something that is very useful - but wow, something I use all the time, every day just about.
It also allows you to search through the library of past ‘snaps’, which might (or might not be) something to consider…

That said, there is nothing wrong with the built-in features – I just wanted a bit more.

Before using a specific App, I had Hazel watch the folder the default screengrabs would be saved to (think this can be set as well, if memory serves), and have them tagged/moved/renamed to something I found useful at the time. Not necessary, but something to consider if you happen to use Hazel.

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I use the built-in screenshot feature via keyboard shortcuts.

Before you go and buy a screenshot program it’s worth noting that the built-in tools are getting a substantial enhancement in Mojave.


Since my Mac has the touch bar I configured it with the buttons because sometimes I get to lazy to bother with the keyboard shortcut

For quick screenshot selection and saving to RAM I use the built-in functionality in my multiple-clipboard app, Copy 'Em Paste.

If I want to keep selecting the multiple sections of a webpage at the same location (eg screenshotting from a carousel listing) I use the ‘last selection’ option in Snap N Drag Pro. One really nice feature in Snap N Drag Pro is the ability to choose a resize option (75%, 50%, 25%) when dragging a screenshot from the app’s library to the desktop or another app; I’ll use that to send smaller versions of screenshots via iMessage or email. Snap N Drag Pro also lets you drag-export in a number of formats by pop-up selection (png, tiff, gif, and jpeg in your choice of low/med/high quality). It also allows for some basic annotations (boxes, arrows, text).

If I want to share a screenshot via link I’ll use my Droplr Pro account, and can set the screenshot to auto-delete after x number of days. If I use Snap N Drag Pro for my screenshot, I can just drag the screenshot from the SND library to the Droplr menubar to upload it.

I’ve tried many of these and Monosnap is the clear winner for me. There’s a very capable free version. I ended going for the in-app purchase to get access to more cloud features (e.g. Google Drive and Dropbox storage) and to support the developers.

Allison Sheridan (@podfeet) has a great write up on Monosnap from earlier this year:


Keyboard shortcuts for me. No need for anything fancy.

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Command Shift 3 will also give you a screenshot of the full screen. I didn’t know the trick of hitting the space bar after Command Shift 4. That is so helpful!

Another tip: if you add the ⌥ key, the screenshot is copied to the clipboard instead of being saved to the desktop.

  • ⇧⌥⌘3 will copy the full screen to the clipboard (if you have more than one monitor I think it only copies the primary screen)
  • ⇧⌥⌘4 will copy a selection or window to the clipboard
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With command shift 4 if you press space it toggles between area select and the window of the application you are hovering over

SnagIt 2018 - worth every penny.


I’m using Skitch. It lost functionality and really wanted to be for Evernote subscribers only, but they have basically restored it to be useful without Evernote again. Lots of capture modes and you can annotate the captures from within Skitch. I save them by dragging the capture to a folder on my desktop that uses Hazel to rename the captures.

I use Capto at the moment.

I previously used Skitch but Capto is part of Setapp, so I decided to give it a try.

It’s fine so far and I appreciate its ability to capture a complete web page.

I just use CMD + Shift + 3 for full screen shots, and CMD + Shift 4 for selecting a certain size shot.

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Mojave’s screenshot tools are pretty awesome. If not that I use Capto as part of Setapp.