What should I do with an iPad Pro?

Hi MPUers, I bought an iPad Pro a few months ago, basically the aesthetically pleasing build quality, so many awesome reviews, and MPU community talking about it, convinced me to buy it. Not sure I needed an iPad since I do most things on my Mac and iPhone. So, it was an impulse buy I’d say.

Now, since I have it, it only serves the purpose of playing white noise via Dark Noise (haha). Yeah, all that processing power, 120hz display is kinda un-used.

So, I’m here to gauge some suggestions into how can I use this device more and get value out of it. I watch a lot of YouTube, but Mac has a bigger screen for that, I’m not an avid reader, I do read some articles in Pocket, but mostly on my mac since I can search for things quickly if I need to understand more…use iPhone for music if I’m walking and Mac if I’m working…not sure what else…

Looking for suggestions (could include your setup as well)


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  1. Give it to a relative.
  2. Sell it.
    It never fails but once you do 1 or 2, you will discover, on your own, a use that makes you wish you still had it. So hang onto it. It’s a wonderful device. Something will suggest itself. :slightly_smiling_face:

I read all my books and magazines on the iPad. We travel for extended periods in our RV and the iPad is ideal for that as well as watching videos, handling email, messages (like the larger keyboard over the phone), and web browsing. I can’t keep the MacBook out while traveling so the iPad is easier.

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Here are my primary uses:

  • Focused writing
  • Reading and annotating
  • Email
  • My only travel computer
  • Taking notes in meetings
  • Online shopping
  • Photo editing
  • Second screen for my MBP

I use the iPad Pro at times up to 80-90% of my work, which is text extensive.


I like this one and Photo Editing


these two are where it will really shine

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Here is what you could try doing. Look at one or two tasks that you do exclusively on Mac and see if you can do them on your iPad. Then repeat. I did that with a number of things and started finding there was more that I could do on an iPad that was easier on the Mac. Then… there are still many things that are far more efficient/enjoyable on a Mac. I use my iPad Pro often for 90% of my work. You will quickly find the pain points. But treat your iPad like a full computer and you’ll be surprised how competent it actually is. Fun to use, look at, and listen to, also.


or turn the way upside down and ask yourself what would you not do on an ipad and try using it for just that.

For me it has become just another computer and if it can’t do something I RDP into either my Mac or a cloud PC and do it on that. Filesharing is done through select folders in iCloud and Dropbox and works fine. Unless I need a big screen, I can work on the iPad Pro and get through my day. BEst way for me to find out what it can do was going exclusive on iPad during travel…and yes somethings are suboptimal, but that doesn’t mean impossible,

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My 12.9 iPad Pro usage has decreased since I got the 13 inch M1 MacBook Pro, but I have a few use cases:

  • I still grab it if I want to make sure I have a non-phone computing device with me on the go. I have a sleeve for it, and slide it under my car seat.
  • Signing documents during the pandemic, or approving/intialing case expenses. The Mail app is handy for this, if the document isn’t too confidential — tap the PDF attachment with the Apple Pencil, sign the document, and send it right back to my secretary with another tap. Apple really made this workflow effortless with the Pencil and the Mail app.
  • Review PDFs
  • Pre-pandemic, I also took it with me if I was stopping somewhere for a quick bite to eat, so I had something to read. I also have a stand I keep in the kitchen that elevates the iPad a bit, so I can read sports during breakfast, like I did in the past with a physical newspaper
  • I also use it for the LitSuite legal apps (TrialPad, etc.), although that usage has decreased during the pandemic as well.
  • This summer, I spent July 4th week at a remote lake, and could get a signal (barely) with the iPad, so that’s how I checked in on the office once or twice a day. I didn’t touch my MacBook all week.
  • Light browsing (these forums, Twitter, etc.) when seated in a chair in the family room

I also have the regular iPad (the one with the home button), which is my “browse in bed” device, since the 12.9 Pro is a bit unwieldy for that.

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Easily accessible magazines.

How about playing music from across the room, in case you prefer not to be right on top of the speakers. (Moi)

Or a journal.

Maintain an extra photos library.

Download movies.

Extra charge in case power goes out. In other words, have it charged.

Organize your software. Maybe use one device to concentrate on photo processing.

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@Evan my under the car seat can never be free of dust. Even though I vacuum every week. Dust still loves that area.

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Maybe my car routes airflow that way. I’ve never had a dust problem under the seat (and I keep the iPad in a sleeve). Now, old French fries that fall between or under the seats are another story.


I really like @iPersuade’s idea.

For me, I love the fact that the iPad is fairly distraction free. With the iPad, you can focus on one thing at a time. If you get good at Split Screen and the Slide Over, then you can get pretty productive with it. PDF Expert and Obsidian/Drafts are key for reading and writing distraction free.


I mostly use my 2017 iPad Pro for web browsing, RSS feeds, Reddit, email, games, reading books and other documents with DevonThink, and playing piano sheet music. It’s somehow fighting with my MBP, which usually wins for the 27’’ display. But it’s a really nice gadget.

I got the pencil but really found not that much use as I am not into design or drawing (IT consulting is my trade)

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I like this. @Bmosbacker also pointed me in the same direction. Definitely gonna try this.

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Now you technically don’t need an iPad Pro for this. All the other iPads are plenty powerful enough & have pencil and keyboard support. The only differentiator is if you need a big 12.9" screen (eg, sheet music, drawing, want two bigger windows in split screen).

That said, I have an 11" Pro. ¯\__(ツ)__/¯

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You can always blend it: Will It Blend? - iPad - YouTube

Nah, if you decide to do that, give it to me instead. :wink:

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Here is what I use my iPad Pro for

  1. It is my TV in the kitchen. Netflix, HBO Max, Fubo, etc. One of those is on unless my family is eating with me. It is also my bedroom TV
  2. I use it for task management. I have a work MacBook and a personal MacBook. My company is strict about installing cloud software on the Work computer, so my iPad is where I have Things running.
  3. Surfing the internet. I just prefer doing most web surfing on my iPad, even though I have a bigger 5k screen for my Mac.
  4. Reading magazines and PDFs
  5. Writing journal entries in Day One
  6. When I travel, I leave the MacBook at home and only take the iPad Pro
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Indeed. Before Covid, one of my favourite things in the world was finding a good cafe, opening up Ulysses on my iPad and writing.