What to do with packaging and boxes for computers, hardware etc

Do you all keep the packaging and boxes for your computer, accessories, iPhone, iPad or any other hardware? I have limited space and want to clear out some of these boxes. I would think there might be a benefit if I was to sell the old hardware but I haven’t in the past.

I save everything in anticipation of resale. People on ebay/Craigslist LOVE original boxes, and pay more for items with them.


I always keep boxes for my Apple gear. I think it does making it much easier to sell and is nice to have if I ever need to take it back to Apple for service (especially for an iMac). The same goes for anything else of value that I may sell in the future (e.g. my NAS drive).

I typically don’t keep boxes for lower-priced equipment, or something that I’ll either use until it stops working or give away (e.g. a printer).


I keep the boxes for high end devices, which according to our “junk room” is apparently most of my tech. This means most things from Apple (not a watch strap though), Sonos, Bose and so on. Naturally there’s a space limitation, so the boyfriend’s really nice 34" Ultra Wide Screen Samsung monitor box was not kept - even though it’s in the price range where we usually would.

It does pay off though. When I sell my 10.5" iPad Pro in a few weeks I’m pretty sure someone will buy it as a Christmas present - easier to do when it’s in the original box!


I generally save boxes for my computers and other tech stuff. It’s helpful if I resell something or have to send it in for service. For larger items (monitors, TVs, desktop computers, etc.) it’s also very helpful when moving. That said, space is limited; when I moved recently​ I got rid of boxes for a bunch of my Apple gear.

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same strategy for me: keep when I plan to resell. (Which I never do with lower cost items, because it’s not the worth the hassle. I just donate those to family or something, and they throw the box away anyway.)

I know people who actually sell empty Apple boxes; things like an iPhone X box can go for something like €20 on eBay.

Just the high-end stuff; the box for my iMac, the Mac Pro, the iPad and the HomePod. I never sell anything (old iPhones, iPads, etc. are going to my nephews) and I keep these boxes only for potential moving – we have two places and I might take one or the other piece to the other place and then at sometime later returning it.
But yes, if you intend to resell, keep the boxes - people love that and pay premium for it.

For years I kept the boxes but never used them. I now recycle them.


The boxes need space but don’t pay rent. :wink: And since I despise junk and I am not a hoarder, I throw them away.

Sometimes I find the snazzy Apple boxes irritating, wondering how much less the device would have cost without the fancy wrapping - especially since I throw them away.

Recycle but take pictures of pertinent info such as serial numbers.

Taking a pic is a good idea, though I always enter that information in 1 Password just as soon as my new device arrives at home. :slight_smile:

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I have pretty much the same process. I save boxes for pretty much any “high end” item - computer, laptop, iPad, cameras and lenses, TVs, etc. I don’t tend to keep boxes for “lower end” items (eg Apple TV, Apple Pencil) especially when they will either be highly unlikely to ever be sold, have little resale value, or tend to have a resale venue for which having the box won’t matter (eg iPhone, which nearly always gets sold to Gazelle).

One major reason I keep boxes, especially for items like my cameras and lenses, is that having the original packaging is not only enticing for potential buyers, but also provides the proper packaging as the base for shipping.

Fortunately, between closets, attic, and the top of my bookshelf, I have sufficient space to store all of these boxes. If I ever downsize, I will probably have to rethink this policy.

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I keep the boxes for anything in current use, stores in the attic, in case I sell or give to someone else. I do have a pretty Big Mac collection, but don’t collect the packaging. Just doesn’t do much for me and it’s bulky.

I save all Apple boxes, too. I used to sell my stuff on eBay and, as mentioned above, the original packaging was valuable.

I still keep the boxes, but I have two observations:

  1. it is somewhat depressing to look at the box collection and realize the amount of money it represents…
  2. I really don’t mess with selling my used stuff on eBay anymore. I use apple’s trade in program instead. So now I keep the boxes until my trade is complete, then trash them.

Makes no sense, does it?

I have a plastic bin in my attic where I keep my boxes.

The box for my iMac is up on the top shelf in my closet behind my desk. I am thinking of a new 27" iMac as a Christmas to me this year. So I might cell my current machine or talk trade. I really don’t know yet.

I tend to keep the Apple boxes.

I just redecorated my rolltop desk with some of my boxes.


I used to save all of my Apple boxes but I no longer do that. My thinking was similar to others so I would have them for resale. I have adopted a minimalist lifestyle so if I am not using something I give it away or recycle it.

Like others, I always take a picture of the info panel on the box. I like the idea of putting that information in 1Password.

I keep boxes for all my Apple devices. People love it when they buy second-hand devices from me with complete packaging. They felt like they bought a new gadget.

I like to keep the box when I hand down my device to any family member. They appreciate the experience of seeing the packaging and opening it. The way their face lights upon seeing the box and unboxing it is indeed priceless.