What wireless headphones do you like?

Personally for me I won’t use AirPods as having earbuds can cause ear problems for me personally. Love the concept of them though. What’s everyone else’s wireless headphones of choice?

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I’d love a pair of Bose QC35’s, but I can’t justify the expense.

For the office, I’m using Sony’s MDR-XB650BT. The sound’s pretty good (and sometimes I put them on and leave them turned off, just to muffle outside sounds; also bear in mind that I’m not an audiophile — I just like music). They don’t have noise cancelling, but they do just fine for the office.

When I fly, I use the BeatsX I got with my iPad. Again, there’s no noise cancelling, but since they form a pretty good seal with my ears they still do a decent job of blocking out sound.

Mostly AirPods, but when I need to block out sound I have a pair of Solo 3 headphones.

AirPods for day to day and running - Beats Solo 3 Wireless for longer trips or flights

Try bone-conducting headphones if you don’t fancy AirPods!

I have the B&O Beoplay H8. They are beautiful, sound great and have gorgeous battery life. Take up some space in your pocket though.

Airpods most of the time and Beats Studio 3 for focused periods or noisy environments

I’m leaning towards the Sony’s or Bose

Would love to be able to workout with them too

I use the Beoplay H8 when working and the Beoplay H5 for everything else. Both are great.

Plantronics Backbeat Fit

Plus for me is the outside sounds they let in… road walking awareness. Decent sound and they play for a few hours before recharge. like all tne controls they have built in — volume, pause, and so on.

I use the Jaybird X3 for podcasts and in the gym. Pretty robust, moisture resistant, inexpensive (relatively speaking). Sound quality is so-so, but can be tweaked by EQ’ing in the companion app.

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How do you like on-ear compared to over-ear? WRT noise cancelling and comfort.

Have you tried them in store (or with the ability to return them)? You might find these specific models work for you. I had terrible experiences with the earbuds that came with the iPhone 5, so when I got my 6S Plus I left the earbuds in the box, but earlier this spring I mislaid my Panasonic ear-canalphones so I tried the iPhone 'buds and was surprised (after a getting used to them for a day or two) how well they worked and how good/invisible they felt. I found my Panasonics but ended up putting them in a drawer because I liked the Apple buds so much!

Moreover, people I know who always hated Apple’s earbuds because of poor fit love their Airpods. Different design, different fit.

I’ll second the recommendation on Jaybirds! I’ve got a pair of X2’s that I use exclusively for working out, and they’re still great.

I love my AirPods, but I have ear issues so have to limit use.
I recently bought the Trekz Air and use them for exercise especially as they don’t make my ears sweaty. Sound quality is good for podcasts, but music is more mediocre and Netflix gives odd vibrations. I do recommend them if you have a specific need to avoid other types.

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I love bone-conducting headphones but they give me a headache. Every few months I try mine out to see if they still give me a headache. They do. Alas, because they’re FANTASTIC otherwise. Great to be able to hear what you’re listening to and not bock out ambient noise; I wear them when walking in the park and if people come up to me and say hello I can say hello right back without fussing with taking things out of my ears.

LG Tone headset might work for you. I find it works extremely well.

Thanks for the suggestion about the AirPods. The thing is though discussing with my ear doctor, I unfortunately built up too much wax in my ears with excessive ear-bud usage. Between that and being deaf completely in my right ear, I have to be extra careful. I understand that the headphones from Apple have gotten better though I’d imagine both being made of hard plastic as well as the fact that it’s a set of in ear headphones would not personally be a wise choice for me.

I have a pair of X2’s lying around though didn’t find it producing a loud enough sound to listen to my podcasts without hearing the clanging of people’s weights in the gym.

I’ll have to check those out.

I also will look into bone-conducting headphones as suggested by @Michael_Davidson. If they work cool but like @MitchWagner they could give me a headache. Also I’ll look at the LG Tone headset as well.