What wireless headphones do you like?

  • AirPods while shopping, etc.
  • SONY MDR 1000x while on the plane (best noise canceling ever :+1:t3:)
  • BOSE for running and workout

Noise cancelling is great on the H8. Over-ear is more comfortable I think and if I was buying right now I would consider the H9i. The H8 gets me through the day fine when I’m working behind a desk. When I’m moving around the leather ear cushions will start to feel a bit hot on my ears. I usually I grab my H5s instead for podcasts, audible and while exercising (i.e. everything that is not work related for me).

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I’ve got these for a while now, but still love them. Sound quality, portable and at a very nice price. Totally recommend them.

The only wireless pair I use is the BeatsX. Over the ear headphones are still wired - Sony MDR7506.

Lots of headphones boast how loud they can be but I wish I could get data on how quiet wireless headphones can get. I like to listen in bed at night at the quietest level possible. With wired headphones and an inline volume slider, I could fine-tune the volume until it’s just right. But the bluetooth headphone’s I’ve tried all have volumes that go from still-too-loud to silent with no granular in-between at the quiet end.

Anyone have wireless headphones that can get really really quiet?

I can’t recommend BOSE with a good heart anymore everysince they changed company ethos to be ‘cool brand’ and got rid of the NoRdstrom like customer service policy (e.g you could bring old/broken headphones in & pay the difference to upgrade) and quality has gone down – mind you I’ve been wearing BOSE QCs since 2009

i’ve bought the Sports earbud headphones only to have them fray on me and stop working at least 3/4 times i’ve replaced …lucky all within the one year and extended one year warranty

my current Bluetooth soundsports - I’m on my 2/3rd replacement and these currently the plastic peeled off where you would tap for volume/fwd/next - at least they still work

the BOSE sound is good but when these headphones finally break I may try another vendor

I’m using AirPods and BeatsX wireless headphones.

I use these mainly when exercising or when travelling. The key feature for me was that they both use Lightning cables to recharge, not micro USB. This meant that I didn’t have to carry ANOTHER type of cord just to recharge them. In fact, I no longer carry any microUSB devices or cables anymore.

I feel your pain, silent, mid-loud, loud, super-loud seem to be the increments. You may have tried this, but if the app has a slider for volume, they are often a little more fine-grained that the volume buttons.

Now if Hue bulbs could do a reasonable 1% brightness…

Understood. I’m waiting for the Airpods v.2, which I assume will be introduced in a month alongside new iPad Pros lacking audio jacks (and possibly even lacking Lightning ports).

I’m usually very rough on my wired headphones, and have broken more nice ear-canalphones than I’d care to admit. I beat the heck out of them (I listen to podcasts maybe 5 hours/day) and they usually don’t last me more than a few months. So I looked around and landed on the Panasonic ErgoFit TCM125 line of headphones (currently $13ish). They are canalphones, so they might not be the best choice for someone with earwax build-up, but the design works better than most in comfortably remaining in-ear and giving a good seal - amazingly so given the low price. I tend to grab 3-4 if they drop below $10, and that’ll last me a year. Sound is fine for podcasts, so-so for music.

I’m also a fan of the latest version of Apple’s standard wired Earpods, but I don’t think that at their current price they’re worth two Panasonics, even though I’ve found them to be quite durable. The cheap Panasonic canalphones sound better, at lower volumes, since they block out outside noise.

Jabra Evolve 75 while working - great wireless headphones with basic noise cancelling and I can use them on my Surface and iPhone at the same time. AirPods for everything else. I also got some Beats Solo 3, but since I got the AirPods i barely use them.

I currently use and really like Apple’s AirPods. For me, I never used apples earbuds until the current design. My ears would ache after short use. Tried waiting for the MIA charging pad by Apple because I wanted the wireless charging case for the AirPods they would be releasing simultaneously. Glad I didn’t. My current wired headphones are Bose QC 15s. Almost sprung for the wireless 35s but what really turned me off was not being able to remove the rechargeable batteries. I suppose I got used to being able to remove and charge the batteries in my QC15s. I just couldn’t help wondering what sort of battery life in real world setting QC35IIs would provide. I love my QC15s and may yet spring for 35IIs. I really like the freedom of going cordless.

So for now Apples AirPods work great for me.

Depending on the situation I use AirPods, BeatsX, or QC35. The AirPods are my daily carry with BeatsX in the bag as a backup. The QC35 are my home use when I want it to be obvious to everyone that I’m trying to work I disturbed.

I recently played with all three on a plane. The AirPods were horrible, which was exactly what I expected. The shocker to me was that the passive noise blocking of the BeatsX was just as good as the active noise cancellation of the QC35. From the day I purchased them, I felt the fit on the BeatsX was the best I’ve had, but I did not expect that result.