What you like about Monterey

What do you like about Monterey?


I haven’t upgraded yet, waiting for more stability but it is my main reason to upgrade this year.


Those should be fun!

Without doubt, the ability to have the menu displayed in full screen. It’s bewildering that it took so long to get here.


Shortcuts, Airplay to Mac, Shared with You (Messages & Safari), Focus, and Quicknote.

Been using Custom Email a lot since beta. I wish it was positioned somewhere that can be accessed more easily instead of hidden inside your iCloud settings.

I think I’m going to have a blast with Erase all Content and Settings.

A custom Focus for conference calls.


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I’m liking low power mode so far and I’ll be doing some experiments to find out how much of an effect it really has.


The color palette.
Cross-device focus modes.
My important software didn’t break.
Selecting text in photos.


I am using Webex and I can’t seem to do that. Webex launches a separate window once you joined the call and so, it came out of Focus.

What I like about Monterey is that it fixed my phantom invisible block which appears on my external monitor and my mouse can’t move to that block. This block is usually in the local left or right, as though my main laptop monitor is overlapping and blocking it.

The best thing about Monterey is that it didn’t break anything. Yet. (Except PopClip, but that was known in advance.)

Shortcuts is a B- so far. Why Shortcuts cannot appear in the Share menu is a miss.

I like the new privacy features in Mail.

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So far:

  • Safari tabs that don’t suck
  • my apps don’t seem broken
  • getting the proxy icons back !!! (This is the reason I didn’t wait until after Christmas to upgrade, which I’ve done every year now for almost half a decade)

Yes Shortcuts can appear in the Share Sheet


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In the Share Sheet on iPhone and iPad, as your image shows. There is no option to show shortcuts in the Share Sheet on macOS, which is the top portion of the image.

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AirPlay to Mac. Maybe a niche use case, but I’ve got my Mac Mini plugged into my stereo! Eventually will be adding a DAC for better quality also.


[quote=“quorm, post:10, topic:25867, full:true”]… (Except PopClip, but that was known in advance.)…
I am on Monterrey and using PopClip right now…what would be the issue?

True - but you can add it as a Quick Action in Finder under Services

Tab groups are cool.


Many extensions not working yet. Nick is addressing them. (This is covered in another thread here, too.)

Of course I know that. But Quick Actions in Finder and the Share Sheet in Safari, etc., are Apples and Potatoes.

  • Focus modes synced across all my devices :heart::100:
  • It hasn’t broken anything or disrupted my work week (other than time waiting for the installation to run)

I haven’t checked whether any of my iOS shortcuts work just as well on the Mac yet, but now that Data Jar is out on the Mac, I’m more hopeful about a seamless experience across devices.

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