What's the best non-Safari browser for Mac?

What’s the time saved based on?

It should be faster page loading granted by all the tracking and adds avoided.

Yep. @memex is right. They calculate 50ms per ad and tracker blocked.

Here are my Brave stats, accumulated I think since last November:

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I’m personally a fan of Firefox, as I find the multi account container feature (via an add on from Mozilla themselves), to be a fantastic help.

I use that a lot as my work uses Office 365, and I volunteer for an organisation that also uses O36. This add on means I can have one browser window open, but tabs can be open in different containers. It stops me having to constantly log in and out between the two accounts or open hem in different browsers. O365 doesn’t seem to be as simple as multiple Google accounts in one browser, which Google seems to handle well for whatever reason.

If I’m on be MacBook and battery, I’ll stick with Safari, but if I’m on power, it’s Firefox.


FYI this has been a popular topic of discussion. If the following links aren’t helpful try the Search:

Same setup. I have firefox installed but only use it if I have to because of power consumption. Nothing beats safari

In macOS power consumption, that’s plausible. In everything else, from privacy to add-ons, it’s debatable.

+1 for Firefox. I have been running Firefox since the first public beta on Windows, except for a few years where it was a total mess. Glad they were able to fix that. Not sure if it’s because it is “better” or that it is just very familiar to me and has become a habit.

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Another vote for Firefox. It ain’t perfect, but what is in this world?

If you’re keen on fighting back against tracking, Firefox with uBlock Origin and Temporary Containers!

I am curious as to which filters you, and others who use uBlock Origin here, would recommend using. Thanks!

For a long time I just used the out-of-the-box ‘easy mode’, but recently I stepped up to medium mode:

Blocking-wise, this is one significant leap from easy mode.

  • Web pages will load significantly faster compared to the easy mode.
  • Your privacy exposure will be significantly reduced compared to easy mode.

Sounds good to me! And it’s actually really straightforward to ‘downgrade’ to easy mode on a per-site basis to un-break sites.

It’s worth mentioning that, after doing some reading, I made the decision to consolidate my ad- and tracker-blocking with uBlock Origin—I don’t use Privacy Badger and I have completely disabled Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection.

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Many thanks! I didn’t know about the modes. So it looks like the user is supposed to add/remove lists that correspond to the modes and there is no way to select a mode in the settings, right?

Yeah, the ‘modes’ just refer to list/settings configs that you have to set up yourself :slight_smile:

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Are extensions like HTTPS Everywhere and uBlock Origin needed on Brave given that it seems to have a lot of this functionality baked in?

I use “strict” mode and manually allow and disallow domains with Little Snitch for all browsers. I love that control. But, I do have allow/disallow for each browser over and over

+1 for Brave. My Stats Below

That’s intense. Nice. I have LS but I’m way too passive/permissive with it.

I’ve been using Brave for the last few months and really like it. Also use Firefox. I do use Bumpr as my “default” browser. It’s a nifty utility that will allow you to select which browser you want to open clicked-on links with.

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