Where do we stand on 1Password 7 and the subscription?

I’ve been a happy user of 1Password for a long time. It feels like a no-brainer, because I’ve liked and used the service for a long time. But at some point, I’m going to run out of subscription bandwidth and will need to start making some hard decisions.

Have you subscribed? Is it worth it?

Has anyone successfully moved away to something else, like iCloud keychain? Was it worth the move?

I heavily use 1Password and am on the family plan. We have 5 people and can share it at $1/per person/month. I feel like $60/yr for shared vaults across all platform is very reasonable. It probably would have cost $50 per person so even paying for new software every 4 years is reasonable.

I’m experimenting with Enpass. Very similar features and a quite functional free version.
It’s a bit clunkier than 1Password, but worth a look

Most of our personal logins are in iCloud Keychain, with the ones that need to be shared in Bitwarden. We use 1Password at work, though, and it’s definitely worth the recurring cost there.

My subscription is $4 a month. Without sounding too privileged or like I am bragging, that’s so low that I don’t even think about it. Worst case scenario I get one less coffee a month.

That said, if you’re 100% in the Apple ecosystem, Keychain may be enough. IMO Keychain will be one of the next apps Apple “remakes” like Notes or Reminders to make it more user friendly.


I am in my second year of paying for the Eero Secure+ subscription. For $99/year, you get a family account with 1Password, encrypt.me, and Malwarebytes. I figure I would paying for a password manager and a VPN service of some sort anyway, so this works out pretty reasonably for me.

If this Eero option would disappear, I would still pay for 1Password. I like the use of vaults to help separate passwords for the different parts of my life.


I’m happy to pay for my 1Password subscription.

iCloud Keychain can do a lot of what 1Password does, but not all I need.

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My situation is the same as @DaveKuch. I get my subscription through eero but would subscribe directly if that option went away.

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I do use 1password, but i did buy the new version instead the of the subscription.

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Subscriptions suck but I can’t think of a subscription more important than one for a password manager. I’ve tried almost all of them and always come back to 1Password because it’s simply the best. I’m at the point of not thinking of 1Password as a thing that holds my passwords but instead a security team always looking out for me.


I don’t mind the subscription really, but having just changed to it from the standalone I’ve suddenly got 2 (duplicated) vaults, only 1 of them has attachments and I’m a bit frustrated.

I guess it’ll be simple to resolve and it’s my fault to some extent, but I haven’t had time to sort the mess and I’m now worried I could have updated passwords in each the vaults. The experience has meant I could well abandon 1Password and move to keychain, even though I’d miss some features.

I hate subscriptions: I’d happily pay for updated versions but subscriptions are getting very, very tiresome to me. However, I believe that you can still get 1Password without a subscription.

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I’ve been subscribed to 1Password since they launched Families account and so far we’ve been happy with the improvements thus far. I had my subscription lapse one time since having my credit card expired for a at least two weeks. My experience with this was, I can still use 1Password normally but I can’t add any new items.

For me, 1Password subscription is a no-brainer since it’s much cheaper than to buy multiple license. Plus the families vault is really awesome.

I get a family plan subscription through my Eero Plus subscription. Well worth it. Makes it so easy for my wife and I to have access others passwords when needed but not cluttering up our own vaults with the others entries.

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I held off subscribing for a while. However, I just recently switched to it and I’m a fan. The value of the service across all my devices with easy access to two factor authentication codes is worth it to me.

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You can get 1P without subscription, although you have to work to find it.


I have a family subscription, with 5 family members using it.

I think it’s one of the most justified subscriptions I have.

It’s set and forget and excellent value. It’s avoids so much hassle for me. The management is very easy.

I know that my family can use the latest version of 1Password no matter what OS they are on (some are Windows, some are macOS). It doesn’t matter to me when they get a new computer, they just install and log in. No worries about finding the file on Dropbox, etc.

And best of all, they are actually using a password manager!

Cheaper and more secure.


1password is a great app, but the price is just too high.

Depends what you need it for. I’ve been using LastPass for free for years and it suites most needs. Might not be as tightly integrated with the OS as 1password, but it works well enough.

I think as long as I can afford to buy iPhones, I can afford 10 cents a day for 1Password. : )