Which Apple Watch band do you use for (very) hot days?

With Summer approaching fast, I’m considering getting the most comfortable and coolest band to wear during hot and/or humid days.

I currently own a Bandwerk leather band (https://bandwerk.com/product/saffiano-cognac-apple-watch-band/), which I love, but fails miserably as far as comfort goes during the Summer. I also have a standard black Apple Sport Band, which is also unsuitable for hot days.

From what I’ve researched, there seems to be two options:

  • Apple Sport Loop (the nylon strap).

  • Apple Nike Sport Band (the one with the holes).

What’s your experience with these (or other) bands in dealing with heat?

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I’ve used the leather loop, sports band , and Nike sports band. They’ve all irritated my skin during workouts and hot days. The sports bands just don’t start to smell after a while.

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Sport loop is the winner for me! The regular sport bands get all sticky which is not pleasant, but the sport loop can both absorb a bit of sweat/sunscreen and breathe which makes all the difference.


Nike sports band - with the holes (so the site will let me reply)


I use the nylon sports loop for everyday wear. When the need a cleaning I put them in a mesh bag and run them through the wash with a gentle cycle and then lay them out to dry. If I am going to be in the water and sand I use the regular sports band since they can be cleaned with good old soap and water. I have a few leather bands for when I don’t feel like being a sport :sunglasses:.


I guess the fluoroelastomer doesn’t allow for proper “breathability”, as I feared.

With or withouth holes, fluoroelastomer doesn’t seem to get along with heat and moisture.

But I’ ve read from people who swear by it and use the Nike Sports Band as they’re go-to band during the Summer.

That’s a very cool tip ( the sand use case for the regular sport band). Thanks, hadn’t really thought about it!

I have several sport loops; all from Amazon. I use them pretty much all the time. They are easy to clean. You can run them through the washing machine (but don’t tumble dry) and lay them on a radiator to dry. You can also clean them by wearing your watch in the shower and then swapping out the band before getting dressed.


Definitely the sport loop. And definitely get them from Amazon. I have this one in Alaskan Blue and Khaki, and I have Apple’s own Midnight Blue.

Yes, if I set them side by side, I can tell the difference — Apple’s is a slightly tighter, sturdier weave. But the Amazon knockoff is very good; it looks great and is comfortable. And at $10 or less (it’s gone down in price since I bought it), it’s a much better deal than Apple’s $49.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the Apple band. But if I can get something that’s very nearly as good for 1/5 the price…

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Another vote for the sport loop, which I’ve been using almost exclusively since discovering how great they are. Disclaimer: I melt in the heat, so avoid it whenever possible, but I’ve never felt uncomfortable with the sport loop.

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Thanks for your feedback!

So it seems that the sport loop is a Summer favorite. I m a bit surprised as I believed the fabric would make it harder to maintain a cool temperature.

I m a dark colours guy. Has anyone have any experience using a black sport loop (as far as coolness goes)?

I wasn´t aware of that pricing difference.

The last non-Apple Watch band I bought was a cheap leather one, and it was so bad, that I didn´t even consider buying a cheap or seemingly low-quality for this season.

Being a “heat-melter” myself, I definitely appreciate your input. What colours are yours? Does it make a difference?

Thanks for the washing tip. It´ll certainly come in handy as Summer takes its course!

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I don’t think the color matters as far as comfort. I’m not sure of the official names, but the three Apple ones I have are a gray one, a very light gray (almost white) one, and one that is half blue/half khaki. I also have two knock-offs - black, and a darker gray.

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Nike Sport Band (with the holes) has been my favourite on those very hot days.

I’ve only ever had one band per watch - and for the last two it’s been the Nike Holy :slight_smile: Sport watch band. Always in black.

I shower with my watch on - which seems to keep it clean enough not to cause me skin problems.

I gather Nike have a rainbow holes watch band - but it seems to be in white. A black one I’d buy -my second band for the watch, and there starts the slippery slope… :slight_smile:

Most of my bands are black. My wrist does not feel noticeable warmer in the summer than the winter.

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That’s good to know. I’m feeling to buy the Nike Sports loop in black.

Thanks for the feedback. I have the Apple Sport band (no holes) and it’s very uncomfortable during the Summer. I was wondering about the effect of the holes in cooling. So it seems it does help a bit.

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