Will you upgrade to the new iPhone?


I was extremely surprised when I visited my local Apple Store yesterday that they didn’t have any new models of iPhones or Apple Watches for previewing, and they didn’t even have any signage about them. When I asked I was told that they’d get new hardware in on September 21st.

In the mean time, the store was filled with people looking at iPhones and Apple Watches, many, I’m sure, who had no idea that the iPhones they were about to purchase had actually just been discontinued.

So odd.


Forbes Article Comparison X and Xs Old news but informative…


I thought this was normal? I can’t remember the last time they had phones out in the stores before they were on sale. Am I misremembering?


I don’t know, but it seems quite weird to officially discontinue the iPhone X yet be selling it in stores and not even indicating that it is discontinued, or not to have any kind of signage (or even demo models) of new products announced - if only to forestall product returns from annoyed purchasers of new phones and watches over the next few days,


To me the answer to this question is predicated by the model of the phone that you currently have. I have an iPhone X and the new models, whilst nice, aren’t sufficiently different for me to think that I must have a new one. Next year? Quite possibly but not this year.


I have an 8 Plus that’s only 6-8 months old, but if I can bribe our IT guys with some beer or Starbucks gift cards, I think I can get an upgrade to an XS. :grin:


So the status of the Xs that I ordered with Apple has changed to “preparing to ship.” This is the first time I am ordering a phone at release so how long is the typical wait? Very excited to see this thing.

As for all the projections about the lack of demand for the Xs, when I ordered the phone the 256 gb model already had more than a week delay lead time while other models were ready to go.

Hoping the watch can get here quicker than the mid Oct date listed currently!


I must say I’m kinda surprised on this forum 50% say they are NOT upgrading.

That being said, I’m hanging in there w/my refurbished 6s until it dies. I loved by 4, then my 5s, I tend to wear stuff out then replace.

And I gotta spend my $$ on an Apple Watch (maybe).


I suspect a fair number of those folks got an X last year. I think the “every year” upgrade train is more the exception than the rule, even among enthusiasts.


I thought that about the X right after I hit “Reply”.


Yeah, I will upgrade. A bit of a phone nerd. The dual sim option will be useful for me when I travel. I have the original iPhone X, but look forward to the larger screen of the max.


My 128GB 6S (bought new) is doing quite well, thank you. Been running the 12 Public Beta since its release, and it’s been fine.



My iPhone 6 has become an adventure in charging (the connector is bad). Other than the charging my 6 works great.

Last week I had a scare when I could not get the 6 to charge. I headed to the Verizon store to find that they had no iPhone X and only one iPhone 8. :worried:

I ordered the new Xs (I call it “X” not “Ten”, sorry).

Now that the new reality has set in, I am fired up !! I have set aside time on Friday night for us (me and X) to have a few hours getting to know each other. :wink:

(I have not told Six, (Battlestar Galactica reference), you know how jealous she can get, so shhhh…)


Dangerously jealous, so it’s probably good your name isn’t Gaius…


Just call what CGP Grey has been saying: iPhone Tennis :slight_smile:


I’ve been callin the Xs, tennis and the Xs Max just Max. I think Apple should have just called the Max, “MaX.”


When I picked up my new iPhone XS at the Apple Store today I took advantage of the opportunity to handle the XS and XS Max side by side. It only took a few moments with the Max to confirm my decision to get the smaller phone. The XS is small enough to (barely) be a one-handed device for me. The Max would definitely be a two-hander. It would also be too big for one of the pockets where I commonly store my phone.

So, definitely the XS for me.


Your experience mirror what I suspected would apply to me. I use my phone enough one handed that it is important. I don’t want to feel like I’m about to drop it when taking a selfie of me and my wife if we are traveling, for instance. Also, I remember how big the old Plus felt in my pockets and I’d rather not go back to that unless I have to. The fact that the XS screen is just about as big as the old Plus is great. And there not being a spec difference like there used to seals the deal.


AFAIK, battery replacement doesn’t increase it’s resale value. I’ve checked with Apple’s resale program and it doesn’t matter what’s the battery capacity is.


I did upgrade due to the e-sim technology but still att, my carrier, is not supporting it yet. Anyone have idea when this will be active?