Will you upgrade to the new iPhone?


Steel Series 4 ordered.

So glad I had a big tax refund arrive just 24 hours before preorders opened :sweat_smile:


Having the (now unavailable) iPhone X, I will be fine for another year at least. This might be the first time I seriously look at an Apple Watch though… it seems like it can finally be marginally useful :slight_smile:


Listening to @MattCassinelli and @AlexCox ‘s Supercomputer podcast. Thought Alex’s point about the new iPhone name was awesome…

10s (Tennis) or Xs (Excess)



While I don’t think the XS is all that compelling of an upgrade from the X, I’m on the upgrade program, so the way I saw it, I had 2 options:

  1. Keep paying what I’m paying for the X.
  2. Keep paying what I’m paying and get the new XS.

I went with option 2. Gold XS 64GB.

Sure, I start back over instead of owning the phone outright at the end of next year, but next year I will likely want to upgrade anyway. Plus I won’t have to deal with the few hairline scratches on the front of my screen that have been annoying me to no end. (Oh and that Gold…:heart_eyes:)


I’m going into my first trade in with the upgrade program. I’m going to the Xs from an 8+.

With young kids I want to have the best pictures I can get.

I’m also looking forward to having a large screen while also being able to tie my shoes without having to take my phone out of my pocket.


The way I hear it is Tennis, Tennis Match and Tenor


For the first time in years I think I’ll hold off till next year. I want the max, but I also want to get off the Verizon device payments and switch to the Apple iPhone upgrade program.

I did however get a series 4 for me and my wife.


Went for an Xs from a 6s. I was doubtful and thinking to wait another year, but the 6s has been la little problematic for me, changed once for battery problems and even the new one has a not so great battery, and recently i notice it gets hot much more than before…
The price is really high tho :scream:


iPhone 7 Plus here. Not excited to upgrade.

I may be able to get the phone heavily subsidized by my carrier, if that happens then I will upgrade to the Xs Max.


Same here - as in looking forward to the Apple Watch Series 4 and keeping my iPhone X. Never had an Apple Watch, so I guess the excitement is bigger for me :sunglasses:


I’ve soldiered on to now with a vanilla “6” so I’m treating myself to a 256GB XS MAX PRO BIGGIE MONSTER (or whatever it is formally called)


verizon subscriber here… i’m curious what are the benefits or reason to switch to apple program?

i also looked at the apple program this morning while i was arguing w/ VWZ about my upgrade status… we worked it out but I was thinking is it easier going through apple direct vice carrier??


So I never need to argue with VXW again. And Apple care is included in my payments.


So the upgrade program is a 20 month loan and includes AppleCare +. After 11 payments you get a choice: pay off the remaining loan monthly and own your handset at the end, or give your phone back to redeem the outstanding loan and get a new phone on a fresh loan.

The effect therefore, is that each year you can choose to upgrade.

I believe the loan is at 0% and in the U.K. the creditor is Barclays.

There’s also the “payment program” wich is the same thing, no AppleCare (cheaper) and no upgrade option. You just pay off the loan and then you own the handset.

Sometimes this allows you to get a cheaper, SIM only contract with the carrier and make a net saving there too. And you aren’t locked in for two years.


The bank Apple uses in the US is Citizens One. I upgraded from an X to an Xs (same size and color) for the 1 loan payment needed to bring the total payments to 12 and future payments are within a dollar or two.

I like the AUP because I don’t have someone interested in that many hand-me-down devices, I’d rather not deal with selling the old phone on my own, and I get an unlocked phone rather than a locked one I would get through my carrier’s upgrade program. I think it might also save me from a higher line charge by not being on a subsidized contract. If I could hand down or want3d to deal with selling the phone myself, I would likely just pay up front and own the phone outright.


Same here. Super excited!


„Nope“ here. I’m still completely satisfied with my 7.


I’m currently using a 5S that’s been limping badly for the last 4 months. So I’m doing the XS, I think. Though my husband is trying to sell me on the XR.


I’m super excited and upgrading from the iPhone X to the iPhone Xs…also ordered the Apple Watch Series 4​:grin::+1:t4::smile::smiley::grinning:


I agree and doing the same thing upgrading from the iPhone X to the iPhone Xs😁