Wolfram CEO documents his setup in detail on his blog


I thought this was rather neat. It’s super detailed and figured fellow geeks would enjoy reading it.

Some key takeaways:

  • He’s a big MacOS user, with various machines in his kit, from MacPros, to iMacs, to MBPs and newer MacBooks. He’s also big on iOS devices
  • He’s a completely remote CEO
  • He has an insane remote speaking broadcast setup



Thank you for sharing this, it was certainly an interesting read … but the more I went on reading, the more it made me feeling uncomfortable … there is something that tells me, that I would never get along working with him, nor, by any means, working for him.
Productivity and self-organisation are definitely something to work on, but just the thought of somebody waling around in the woods with a notebook strapped around his neck and a headset on, kind of makes me think :wink:


This was my thinking as well. The entire file system discussion was really interesting, but I won’t be taking fashion tips from him anytime soon, lol.

I would LOVE to be more organized in my filing structure as he is, and it made my own taxonomy of shoving things into various services and documents folders feel downright childlike. I thought I was pretty smart for keeping most of my documents in Evernote or in iCloud document folders, but his paper + Cloud system is something to behold!


Brilliant, arrogant, old-school weirdo. Back in the 90s I’d regularly get him confused with Phil Greenspun and Dave Winer.


Indeed, brilliant characterization :joy:


Impressive but this guy has no life…


That’s how I never want to end.


Interesting link, and I found it generous that he included links to just about every device he uses (and that such devices and apps were a mixture of exotic and banal.)

I found myself drawn to many ideas, but also repelled by others – a judgment that of course says more about me than about Mr Wolfram.


Agreed. The real meat of the article was his filesystem setup, taxonomy, how he approaches projects, etc.

All of us have habits that, I’m sure, appear to be a bit odd to others. Wolfram is, to some degree, an eccentric. It’s just that his eccentricities tend to built around making sure he’s maximally productive from sunup to sundown.