WordPress simple editor needed

I host a WordPress blog for my wife. She needs a simple editor app to keep a travel journal for that WordPress blog. Text and images. That’s all. Gutenberg is nice but way too many options and fussy interface. She wants a once-and-done solution for her iPhone.

Any suggestions?

There is a way to disable Gutenberg via a plugin…

Ulysses for both Mac and iOS offers an easy way to publish straight to a WordPress account, complete with tag, category, excerpt, and featured image support (if needed); you even have the option for Ulysses to post the article as HTML (the default) or as Markdown.

One thing you may want to look into is using Shortcuts for that—or possibly a text editor (even Notes) and then Shortcuts. The “post to Wordpress” action can be simple or complex, based on your needs, and can be set up to do exactly what you’re wanting. It’s not WYSIWYG, though, so you’d have to prep some HTML as a template first.

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You may have looked into this already, but WordPress has an app for iPhone. Works on self-hosted blogs, and it’s got a pretty simple interface (at least it did last time I checked :slight_smile: )


@webwalrus That’s probably the best option. Thanks!

Byword is as simple as it gets. It has a clean interface that can be set to publish directly to the blog without stopping at the WordPress dashboard. Unlike Ulysses, it’s not on a subscription model.

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Just curious what are most the wordpress publishers using?

  • word press native app?
  • Ulyses
  • Byword
  • Other???

I like the native word press app but checking to see if there something better out there?

Ulysses, and sometimes IA Writer.

(The Wordpress iOS app isn’t bad.)

Ulysses for creation, rough image placement, and draft upload. WordPress editors new, old, and ios for polish and publication.

When the new WPress Gutenburg editor came out I wrote and published a couple posts with it alone to build basic familiarity.

There are many paths to get the job done. Drafts, Byword and other editors work if simply getting text down and uploaded is the goal.