Would you wear the Apple Watch Ultra to the Office?

I agree with your point about watch bands, very few people notice that my S6 is the gold stainless model until I pair it with the gold Milanese loop. So I’m inclined to think that the band defines the presentation of the Apple Watch more so than the case when it comes to catching someone’s eye - at least in my experience.

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Chiming in off-topic, but I’m also a Canadian who dislikes Tim Hortons coffee (and I spent a good portion of my early years just up the street from TH #1). The only exception is that on the morning of a road trip, I like to have Tim’s coffee in the car; I have no idea why that is, because it’s terrible.

I would have no problem wearing the Apple Watch Ultra to Tim Hortons.


McDonald’s (and other global chains) have different ingredients depending on their locale. That includes coffee beans. In Canada, McDonald’s does indeed have (probably) the best chain coffee. But that hasn’t always been true.

Just about twenty years ago, McDonald’s had consistently bad coffee. Tim Horton’s had two roasts: one very bad one, and one good one. The Tim’s strategy was unique: serve bad coffee for seven weeks or so at each location, and then serve the good expensive stuff for one week. They had figured out that people would drink bad coffee every day for weeks without getting too fed up, and right before they had enough, they would introduce the good coffee. People would suddenly notice how good the coffee was, and write off their bad experiences after a week of good stuff. It was a smart strategy.

However, it was (as you can imagine) a difficult and expensive strategy. Making sure your local Tim’s were all on slightly different schedules for this, particularly since they were franchised, was a bit of a nightmare. The supply chain was apparently very difficult to wrangle.

At that time, McDonald’s was dying in Canada, and wanted to make inroads into our market. Their Canadian president knew the way there was donuts and coffee — he smartly noted Tim’s success and wanted to replicate it. McDonald’s coffee was not good, and they needed a new roast. At the time, their beans were better than the bad Tim’s beans, but worse than the good stuff by a mile.

Tim’s wanted something that was cheap, easy, and reliable to source. They wanted a profit centre.

McDonald’s wanted something that was good. Price wasn’t a huge sticking point, because they just needed an in to a new market.

So they made a trade. Since then, McDonald’s has been using only (what used to be) Tim’s good beans in Canada. Tim Horton’s has been using McDonald’s bad beans since the same time, and no longer has “good weeks.”

My understanding is that this bean has become the staple for McDonald’s in many countries.

I know this all sounds outrageous. I heard it from a guy who was in the supply chain during the transition, and it jives with my experience with the coffees at the time, so I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.

Edit: sorry all for being off topic. Ignore this and carry on. I would happily wear an Apple Watch Ultra to any McDonald’s or Tim Horton’s.


Not at all… McDonald’s coffee is very good! Probably my second choice in the UK, preferring Caffe Nero.

That said, when I’m having a meeting, with or without an Apple Watch Ultra on my arm*, I probably wouldn’t choose my local McDonalds! Not that Starbucks is particularly attractive.

*Desperate attempt to keep on-topic.

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Well the good news is that it seems fine to wear the Ultra to McDonald and Tim Hortons. :rofl: Now, as to the board room …. :thinking:

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I started a jury trial this morning, and I was thinking of this during voir dire. Although, I think the jurors would think — since plaintiff’s counsel has the Apple Watch Ultra, he’s in a hurry to be somewhere else so he will present his case efficiently and won’t waste my time on useless objections to hear himself talk.

This :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down:

I mean, I like the sound of this big rugged watch. But I can’t live with a watch that needs charging every day or every 36 hours. It would be totally unpractical for me. I am also a happy Garmin user (FR245) which is a great runnign and exercise watch, is unobtrusive enough to fit with my academic ‘smart casual’ dress sense (if one might call it that…) – and so much as I love the look of this rugged new watch (and I’m tempted by the idea of having Drafts on my wrist, more than anything!), every time I think … the battery life is ridiculously short!

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Normally recharging my Apple Watch SE isn’t a problem. Depending on the length and/or number of workouts it usually lasts 30+ hours. But when I expect to have limited or no access to electricity for a few days I wear a Timex.

Yes, “the battery life is ridiculously short!”

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I cancelled my Apple Watch Ultra pre-order…

My thinking, if you like wearing it, it doesn’t matter what your colleagues at work think. Having said that, this may vary depending on your job.

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I want to get an ultra, I have the Apple Watch 0, still going strong but the screen is just starting to fade in certain parts. People look at my watch and make fun of me at work cause I wear a green watch band at work. But it’s all in good fun. The big boss wears an Apple Watch with a white sports band and so far no one busts her chops. Just mine. Lol who cares about what you wear as long as you like the watch. I do like looking at people’s Apple Watch just to see what kinda of band they have on.


Other day I was watching Steven Colbert. He is always dressed real nice with a tie—and an Apple Watch. It’s not an Ultra, but like me, probably because the current Apple watch is going strong. I’m an airline pilot, I see a lot of pilot watches. Some are Tag-Heuers or more expensive, some are Apple watches, some are Garmin runner watches that are quite large. Today I was at Apple store replacing Ap;ple Pencil and fooled around with the Ultra. My next watch will probably be an Ultra