Wow... iPad-less for the first time in 6 years

wow… I just sold my iPad pro 9.7”
it REALLY feels weird, because I do not have a replacement yet.
Sold it because I got far more for it then I could have dreamt… but still.

for the last couple of years, especially since iOS 11, the iPad has become my one and only productive machine, enen though I have an iMac, macbook pro and mac mini…

so, until Tim releases me from suspended animation, I’m on hold…

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I got my replacement a few weeks back but the habits built up during its absence have stuck.

@dfay I know, but I always write out everything with my apple pencil. And that, to me, is irreplacable.

Working from my macbok pro right now, but as soon as the new iPads pro are here: sold, shipped and used!

I don’t think I could live without my iPad for any length of time. Aside from work related things (I do database and data visualization consulting and writing) I use my iPad for everything else.