WWDC Hopes and Dreams

We’re in the thick of Draft/Rickies/predictions season. What are everyone’s hopes and dreams for WWDC?

My biggest hopes:

  • New Mac hardware – hopefully a 14” MacBook Pro
  • iPadOS improvements that take advantage of the hardware of the M1 iPads like better external display support or a new multitasking model

I’ve been hoping for it every year, so I won’t stop now — a share sheet in Mail on iOS and iPadOS.


For iPadOS, somewhat in order:

  • Improved Mail app with Smart Folders, share sheet, improved searching

  • Proper external display support

  • Improved Files app (generally make it as close to the Mac Finder as possible). The main thing would be indexing of text content, Smart Folders, copy progress indicators

  • Multitasking - I’m actually pretty happy with it as is but I’m sure it can be improved.

  • Widgets on the Home Screen

  • Would be great if iPhone apps, when iPad is in landscape orientation, could be displayed as slide overs or some other way from the current method of taking over the whole screen in portrait mode.

  • Settings app support of split screen. (Lol, is there a reason this app does not support split screen??)

  • Health app

  • Smart Folders in Photos, Contacts, Notes and really, everywhere it’s possible to do.

  • Editing and creation of groups in the Contacts app.

  • Home App improvements

  • I don’t use FaceTime but from what I hear it could stand to be improved.

  • I actually really love Siri. Make it better.

  • Voice dictation is great. Make it better.

  • iCloud Diary
    Setting this aside from the rest. I’d love to see Apple do something more with Messages to move it in a direction that might allow for people to more easily quit Facebook. That might just be a chip away at it sort of thing whereby each year more features are added that allow it to more fully replace FB. In particular, I’d love to see some sort of timeline feature along the lines of what Micro.blog offers. A sort of iCloud diary or iCloud journal. Make it easy for anyone to do some of the things they might otherwise go to Facebook for. I don’t think it needs to be an immediate replacement, just a step towards that. Maybe a new app with tie-ins to Photos, Messages, etc.


Dreams: macOS - iPadOS hybrid

Hopes: mail gets a sharesheet

  • Shortcuts on the Mac
  • Shortcuts on iOS that do more things with less hand-holding.
  • macOS - Fix notifications
  • macOS - Bring back quick access to document proxy
  • iPadOS - Widgets
  • iPadOS - Low Power Mode
  • iPadOS - App Library

I am really really hoping for the 14’ MBP. I hope it gets a 5G card slot but I think this is not going to happen for a long time again, so I’ll live with a portable hotspot. (Likelihood: very high)
I am tired of doing the email app dance. For the love of everything, Apple, just let me send emails from Mail to OmniFocus populating the tasks correctly. (Likelihood: abysmal)
I would really like Shortcuts on the Mac. (Likelihood: high)

I’d like to see keyboard interception on iPad so that any dev can create its own text expander easily, but I’m not holding my breath. I would really like iOS multitasking to be fixed with real powerful and smart windows (but I’m even less holding my breath)


I’ll be happy to get this.

Well, if we’re dreaming - an M1 retrofit kit for my iMac Pro with about 16 32 cores, 128GB of RAM for $1,000 or less.


Probably not relevant or a priority but … back linking in Apple Notes!

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Yes – and I hope it is not an island, but integrates with AppleScript / JXA and Automator.

macOS needs a unified model for end user hacking, not a proliferation of islands.

  • A sub 1 kg / 2 pounds celular M1 Macbook Air (my number one dream pick).

  • A 24" to 30" standalone non-Pro display XDR monitor.

  • An Apple universal Shelf app.

  • Shortcuts on the Mac with a full integration of Apple script and Automator.


I think this thread is a great example of why Apple leaves so many people I satisfied … it’s a huge list of great ideas, some of which are probably more complex to implement than I, at any rate, would expect.

No way they’ll get to all of them — which means some (most?) of us will remain disappointed at least a little longer…

Mail App: stop waisting space on the left side of the toolbar and allow buttons to move to the left side.
Mail App: Fix problem List Preview number of rules

Chat: stop from crashing when wanting to send a link from Safari or an image from Photos

Bring back “Network Utility”

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Literally searched how to do this this morning! Should have come here first! :wink:


When it comes to the ever-so-popular share sheet in Mail (which I also very much want) I wonder if it’s an issue of a new data type…

… I doubt rich or, still more so, plain text would be acceptable.

… A PDF wouldn’t be very useful.

… Likewise, an image wouldn’t be very useful.

The closest thing to Mail is, I suppose, Notes. Not using Notes myself, what does it put on the share sheet?

I hope iCloud Mail gets some attention:

iCloud Mail is Apple’s dormant privacy weapon.

Wrote a little about it here:


System wide tags. I’d like to see Finder tags in Notes, Reminders, Calendar, etc…


Having heard someone else make the suggestion, it is now my biggest hope that Apple will “Sherlock” Hey.


That would bring a massive antitrust issue given how Basecamp is belligerent.
But I hope as well they do.

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I would never want to see the world’s richest company bankrupt another company by burying them in legal fees.

So I definitely wouldn’t watch.

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