579: 30 Mac Apps for Under $30


Thanks for GoodLinks! I was looking for a modern read-it-later app with a single purchase model.


Seeing the title alone makes me worry. Not sure I have $900 to spend on apps, but I’m guessing I already own a few from MPU already!


I’m not sure what happened when David was looking at it, but Soulver 3 is still listed as a one-time (non-subscription) purchase of $29.95, so it still fits in the category.

Maybe there’s different prices for people in California :wink:

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Yep, I recently purchased Soulver this way.

An alternative to Better Finder Rename is Name Mangler by Many Tricks (the same people who make Moom).

(The name is a misnomer, of course, as I use it to UN-mangle filenames, but you get the idea.)

Like David, I resisted buying one of these apps because I would always just write my own script.

Then one day I made a mistake in the script and things went very, very wrong and took a very long time to put it back to the way it was.

I decided to check out Name Mangler and had the same reaction as David: “I am an idiot for not buying this sooner.”

Name Mangler can do a ton of different stuff. It will show you what the result of your action(s) will be, so you’ll know ahead of time if it’s right or not, and there is an “Undo” feature!

You can also save ‘recipes’ if you do some kind of complex renaming occasionally, so you only have to write it once, and then you can re-use it any time you need it.

It’s $19 either direct or through the Mac App Store.

(Note: I think I own just about every app that Many Tricks makes, and they’re all really good.That being said, I haven’t used Better Finder Rename, so I can’t compare them, but there’s a free demo version available for Name Mangler which I would encourage you to check out.)


Renamer is also a good renaming app. That’s the one I use but all of these seem great.

There’s also an old and free one called NameChanger IIRC.

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Compelling pitch for Fission! It honestly never occurred to me that audio editing could be a quick open, adjust and save just the way you’d act with a text file.

I use Parcel instead of Deliveries. Seems to have all the same features (nice widgets, Mac/iOS app, smart detection of tracking numbers, etc) but it’s only $3/year. Plus, they tend to offer a bonus month for renewing outside of the Apple Ecosystem


Haven’t listened MPU in a while, so I’m not sure what the exact conditions were, but this is $29.95 before taxes.

With taxes it’s (way) more than $30 for me…

Also a Parcel user for years and years. I just never heard of Deliveries until I started listening to Relay.fm podcasts. Very happy with Parcel though now that I am home all day I get by with courier-specific text/email notifications as well.


Mountain is so broken for me under Big Sur it causes a reboot and I use Jettison now.

The hyper key in BTT also does some weird things where as Karabiner still works perfectly.

That and the fact that it works with far more providers than Deliveries. For instance it works with Brazilian providers while Deliveries will not.

Thanks for this recommendation. Mountain hasn’t received an update in ages.

I’m much the same. I purchased Deliveries about 7 years ago but haven’t used it for the last 3 or 4. Just about everyone tells you when to expect an order these days and get I push notifications from FedEx and UPS, and emails from Amazon and USPS before they show up. That’s all I need.

If you use PathFinder or ForkLift there is built in support for renaming files. ForkLift is the better of these two. I’m not sure if AFBR or Name Mangler has more features than the full apps, but the rename support in PathFinder and ForkLift is all that I need.

That’s buying it direct, the Mac App Store’s IAP is $34.99.

Mailplane is a Gmail client for the Mac. It’s a single-site web browser, $29.95.


ToothFairy is an alternative to AirBuddy. Does less, but costs less, and good enough for me. Included in SetApp.


And Paletro provides a command palette for any application. Invoke Paletro with a hotkey, and it calls up a text bar, into which you type the name of any menu command in an application. Alfred will do the same with a workflow, or you can use Shift-Cmd-/. But I like Paletro. It’s $6.99, and included in SetApp.

I learned about Paletro on this forum.


Check out https://mimestream.com free for now but hopefully it’ll be under $30!


Was disappointed Marked 2 didn’t make it onto the list. Such an essential app for my daily life.