About the Mastermind Groups category

This group is for people who are interested in joining a Mastermind group. Thanks to some (ok a lot) of help from @crmfyi, we now have a much better process for getting Focused listeners plugged into a Mastermind group. Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out this from with some basic information that will help us in connecting people into potential groups
  2. The information gets added to an AirTable database where we can line up people based on a couple factors, the major ones being region, availability, and willingness to facilitate a group
  3. When there’s enough people with region/availability matches, we’ll create a direct message here on the forum so the potential members can organize an intro call
  4. I’ll create a document with suggested format and procedures that the group can run with ( in the meantime, here’s a link to a blog post I recommend people read prior to filling out the form)

Please keep in mind that this is all being done for free! I’m sure there will some growing pains as we figure out the best way to do this, so thank you in advance for your patience. I’m thrilled at the interest in these groups and am excited that we can help connect some of the smartest, nicest people I’ve met on the internet :slight_smile:


This is great Mike. Thank your for doing this. I just made a mistake on my form where I failed to tick the box of facilitating a mastermind. I haven’t facilitated one before but I am definitely interested in trying. If you or whomever is in charge of that can change that in my form application I would greatly appreciate it. you can find my email as jeff[at]rocketpanda[dot]com. Thanks!

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Hi @rocketpanda, I made the switch in the database for your interest in leading. Have a great weekend.

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Thank you @CRMFYI! I appreciate your hard work here!

Thanks @mikeschmitz, looking forward to joining a mastermind soon.

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FYI we have a shout-out to this in the next Focused episode, so after that goes out we’ll start creating groups based on availability and getting back to people who have already submitted :slight_smile:


Ah good - I was wondering if I missed something because I haven’t heard back from anyone.

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Any word on when new invites may go out? I filled out the form about a week ago and haven’t heard back yet.

@jacobio it depends on availability. Basically I’ve been checking every couple of days and when we get ~4 people with an availability match I facilitate an intro. Last I looked we still needed a few more folks to spin up another group, but I’ll reach out as soon as we have enough!

Great! Thanks for the update, @mikeschmitz!

Hi All,

We have mastermind call that runs every 2nd Tuesday at 5:30pm CDT (next call is in 2 weeks), this was one of the first ones that Mike setup up in the beginning. We currently have 3 members and would be looking to add 2 more. If this time is suitable please send me a PM and we can discuss more.

For context here, Michael reaches out to me just after I sent out another round of invites. So instead of waiting until a perfect match came in, I said go ahead and post about it here.

@mgguinne so others know, what time zone is the 5:30pm meeting time?

Updated my original post, timezone is Central Time (CDT). So the next one is Tuesday 30th July @ 5:30 pm CDT.

Mike – I don’t know if there are still folks interested in MasterMinding, but it’s a fresh year and I have fresh focus, and am interested in this! How could I determine if there were any active users Still interested? Is my just posting here what to do? Or should I create a new general post? Or is there a way to send a check-in email to those who filled out the form last spring? Thanks for your help!! :slight_smile:

There are a handful fo folks who have filled out the form over the last several months. I’m not sure who’s all still interested, but if you want to fill out the form I’d be happy to see if there’s a match in availability and facilitate an email intro.