Mastermind Groups

@Luth_Lexor no worries, that group sounds like they will meet mid-day US time (a couple of them are in Europe) so with your class schedule it might make more sense to see if there’s a few more folks who want to join a group that meets in the evening US time.

Since @Luth_Lexor is willing to facilitate, any other takers? :wink:

Right now we’re reading 12 Week Year. Probably won’t go much beyond that We’re using it as an icebreaker

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I completely missed this today! Any room left in this group? Would love to join in on an EST daytime group, if possible.

Hi everyone. I may have been a month or so late to joining this forum, but I’m excited to see that people are interested in participating in a mastermind to take action on their own goals and challenges others to do more than they can imagine doing on their own.

By way of mini-resume introduction, I’m essentially a consultant in the customer service and support space, most specifically working with big companies implementing Salesforce. I’ve been working with Salesforce for 15 years and consulting in it for about 8. I work for a Canadian company, though I live in Minnesota with my wife and two kids still at home. I travel quite a lot for work across North America. I’m a big fan of productivity, anything Apple makes, leadership podcasts, Day One, OmniFocus, and a whole bunch of other tools @MacSparky may or may not have influenced me to buy. I’m always looking at ways to improve myself and my team.

I tried starting a mastermind group a few years ago with a couple remote friends and while it was valuable, scheduling conflicts stifled it and we eventually folded. I enjoy listening to what is challenging to others and offering what advice I might have come across in my nearly 50 years on this big blue marble.

I would like to join a group, though I’m also willing to be the coordinator for one if we need to start another one. I’m got some experience in leading one, so I’m glad to do it again.

I’m learning Discourse, though I think at some point, it might be best if we employ some other tools to organize the intake and MM matching process, just so we’re clear what groups exist, when they meet, who is in them, and so on. I’m willing to take some of that on as well so @mikeschmitz doesn’t have to feel like the ringleader here. Whatever works, I’m game to help.

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I love that these groups are forming. I want to get involved with one myself at some point but I’m still not quite there.


I am interested in joining a group as well. I’ve been in the IT field for over 15 years, currently an IT Manager for a college. I am pursuing a doctoral degree as well. Not a lot of time, but I would love to be in a group. I’ve tried to join several mastermind groups in the past, but they never really took off.

It’s great to see all the interest in these groups! I think we’ll need a new process going forward… here’s what I’m thinking:

  • I’ll create a form that captures a couple pieces of information, including what your preferences are for times, whether you’re willing to facilitate, and a little bit about why you’re interested in joining a mastermind
  • Since @CRMFYI has offered to help, we’ll capture those to an AirTable database and match people up based on their availability
  • The introductions can be made via email and the group can set up their kickoff call
  • I’ll prepare a list of talking points based on what we’ve gone over in the previous calls
  • The groups can run themselves from there

I have yet to talk to @CRMFYI about all of this though :wink:

I’ll also offer some free advice here for anyone who is thinking about joining - ultimately, what makes a mastermind successful is when people are looking to give, not to get. You will get out of a mastermind group what you put into a mastermind group. This was something that took me awhile to learn, and looking back I can see how it almost caused my mastermind group to fail. I’m glad we got through that phase - learn from my mistakes! :slight_smile:


No pressure @MacSparky :wink:

@mikeschmitz I’m super fine with helping organize us. Check your email as I got a start on the Airtable database last night and shared it with you. Between GDocs and Airtable, we ought to be able to nail this.

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I would be very interested in a mastermind group if anyone is looking for someone to join. I would really enjoy the comradery and community with other like-minded individuals. I also really like problem solving for others!

I suppose I should give a quick introduction to who I am and what I do for people actively looking for someone to join a mastermind.

My name is Jeff Perry, and I am a co-host of the podcast A Slab of Glass. I also am a writer on Rocket Panda where I talk about the iPad, Apple, Blogging, and other tech geek stuff like that.

I have been in broadcasting for 5 years now and enjoy great journalism, non-fiction productivity books, and a plethora of podcasts.

Podcasting has been a passion of mine for the better part of a decade and I have learned a ton about what some good practices are and how to get started with podcasting. I love helping others get started with this and making it stick.

I am also looking for a group that is focused on blogging, podcasting, and writing since these are the things that I am interested in and also consider myself qualified to help out with.

Thanks all!


Would love to contribute to a mastermind.

My name is Matt, I live in NJ close to NYC.
I hate waste, that’s what brought me to the world of productivity and the Focused podcast.

My time is spent operating and owning 2 payment companies, 2 eCommerce companies (which I am stepping away from having largely automated them.
I’ve been in EO which has a Forum concept which is similar and happy to lead a group, or just join.
Happy to share all my experiences if it helps anyone.

Looking forward to seeing what materializes.


Thanks, Mike! I was just listening to you & David today and heard you refer to it at the end of the podcast. I can cross off my Omnifocus task to check that out, since you have provided the link here! Yay, Mike!

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Just went to the recommended books. Excellent choices! Few more to put on my list.
Enjoy the holiday with your family!

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Really excited to announce we’ve got a much better way to connect people into mastermind groups, thanks to a lot of help from @CRMFYI - details here: About the Mastermind Groups category

If you’ve posted here about being interested in joining a mastermind group but haven’t been able to make one of the calls, we now have a form you can fill out so we can connect you with others based on your availability!


Quick update… @mikeschmitz’s efforts have paid off. @mmandell, Josh and I met via Zoom this afternoon. We’re a small group, with diverse professional interests. Excited to see where this goes.

Still looking for another 2-3 people!!

I know @jacobio was looking for a group, but it didn’t look like availability would match - though maybe he can make it work!

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I submitted my information through the form last night, but I thought it might be good to add a note here, especially since I’m a little late to the party.

I’m excited about joining or even hosting a group soon. I’ve heard a lot of how incredibly helpful mastermind groups can be, and I look forward to seeing what a small group of people can do together.

I am in the process of writing a book and making some videos that I hope to sell online later this year. I would love some support as I go.

I’m in the US/eastern time zone, and I have some flexibility about when to meet.

I look forward to seeing what develops!

Hi all,

I’m late to the party and not sure if there’s a system in place to join one of the mastermind groups but I’d like to participate. I’m in Vancouver, BC so Pacific time zone. I’m a photographer and photography instructor and like @chrismay I’m creating videos for an online course and trying to create a “tribe”.

Answered my own question, found the link to the mastermind form. Looking forward to it.