Ads Blocker - Which service you prefer


AdGuard is pretty great, BUT…

They’re Russian developers, with all that that entails wrt posibly being made to surreptitiously provide user-related data (a la Kaspersky).

FYI, StackSocial regularly has this lifetime deal (I myself took advantage of it through them) but if you (1) have a VPN for Russia or Eastern Europe and (2) read/write Russian and/or have a good web translator the pricing in and around Russia is something like $6 for the app from the developer’s own site. (Prices change depending on where the website thinks you’re located.) Some English-speaking Redditors were able to successfully take advantage of that lower price, but for some reason - due either to my VPN (which only went to Poland) or my credit card, I was refused purchase at that lower price, so I bought from StackSocial. :man_shrugging:


Anyone have experience with the Eero plus ad blocking? I just bought one using the discount code that gets you a sub of it for free.


No, but I also use a(n ASUS) router based solution at home:

Nice thing about a router based setup is that it works for all devices in the house (disadvantage: but only in the house, unless I set up a VPN to that router - which I do have, but commercial VPN’s are much faster).


FYI I see that Adguard for Safari is free in the Mac App Store. I haven’t tried it yet (I have been alternating between 1Blocker and Better Blocker) but I just downloaded it and will be trying it out this weekend.


same configuration here :smiley:


Alternating between 1Blocker X and Firefox Klar/Focus (app name depending on the market). I can’t notice the difference in real life - did someone come across a recent comparison?


What are people using to block ads and trackers nowadays? I have tried both AdBlock Plus and Ghostery. I’m running High Sierra (my iMac can go no further) and Safari 12.0.1.


Hi Diane

I’ve been using Adguard for a couple of year now and it’s brilliant. It works by filtering your internet traffic eliminating ads before they even get to your browser and the same for trackers. You can also switch on the Web Of Trust extension which will block malicious and dangerous websites. It also filters out any ads from Skype or other chat programs.



µBlock Origin on Safari and Chrome, 1BlockerX on iPhone/iPad. Internet without ad blocker is a sad and noisy place these days.


Thanks for the replies. I got Wipr on the Mac app store and it seems to have returned peace and sanity. I was being tormented by ads for a jacket with a raw meat print, clicked to not show the ad again and it still kept coming back. If that’s the way advertisers behave it’s time to retaliate.


Where have I been all this time? 1Blocker X makes me want to use the web again.

My wife and I had been getting hyjacked by the amazon full page ads. I installed Cisco Umbrella (OpenDNS) on the home router which I think stopped the amazon full screen pop ups.


Hi if you trust Adguard why don’t you try the DNS setup ?

I use adguard dns and Better on safari.

check epic browser maybe


Sometimes it is necessary to turn off AdGuard – e.g., when it aggressively blocks video feeds on legitimate news sites. Is there a way to whitelist or toggle off AdGuard DNS?


The Adguard DNS filtering follows your Whitelisting rules in the application according to their AdGuard DNS page under Customize Filtering. So you add an exception (add to whitelist) then undo that action later.


I’ve been fairly happy with the ad blocking I’ve got through Eero Plus but I am curious how others feel about it?


uBlock origin. On safari. 1Blocker legacy on iOS