An app to record all window positions?

Is there an app that records all opened window positions on macOS (M1)?

I work with a lot of windows open. I may have 5 Preview windows, two on Screen 1 and 3 on Screen 3. Then I would have PowerPoint on Screen 1, Safari on Screen 3, etc… (Screen 2 is where I write).

I tried to use Moom and its capture feature, but it didn’t work. I simply want a tool that records window position because when I come back from sleep, I have to reposition everything again. And every time I work on a new project, the layout changes, that’s why I need a tool that records window positions, not app positions.

Thanks a lot in advance for reading this :smile:


This has been a popular topic of late. You can check out these recent threads for some ideas:

I use Moom, and have not had an issue setting up layouts which include multiple windows from the same application.

Good luck getting your needs sorted.

Thank you so much! I tried to do a search and missed those so thanks a lot. Will look into it.

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