Anyone using Scansnap with Mojave beta 3?


@temtexdent - Yes, there are certainly issues, and I am not aware that Katie and David have mentioned these on the MPU podcasts. I contacted Katie by email regarding these problems in January 2017. She was kind enough to reply, stating that she was aware of the issue with Preview corrupting the OCR layer, subsequently resolved. She mentioned further that she used PDFPen for OCR functionality, thereby resolving the issue for her.

I’m not ready to commit to PDFPen just for the purpose of adding OCR functionality, since I already use and like PDF Expert (that lacks OCR capability) for my limited needs to fill in or sign forms or to make annotations. Most of my workflow involves simply filing forms while scanning, with no further steps required. If the basic ScanSnap functionality “breaks” with new releases of macOS, then the ScanSnap is effectively useless for my workflow. I’m worried …

@OogieM - Thank you, helpful information about VueScan.

My nearly-paperless document system is set up to work on a “stock” iMac. The PDF files are stored simply in the macOS file-and-folder organization, with no additional software or databases (e.g., Evernote, Devonthink, etc) required.

Is anyone aware of another scanner that has the robust paper-handling features of the ScanSnap, but has better software/driver support for macOS? I’m willing to cast about for alternative OCR solutions, but rock-solid stability with macOS is an absolute requirement for my scanning needs.


Here we go, sorry the article is in German (or Japanese for the original message), use Google translate for your language:

:slight_smile: SV600, iX 100, iX 500, S1300i and S1100
:frowning: S1500M, S510M, S500M and S300M


I said it before - although in more political correct terms - but Fujitsu’s ScanSnap support is horrible. Their hardware is expensive and they expect you to buy a new scanner every few OS upgrade. In the other room I have a perfectly fine ScanSnap S1300 which I can’t use anymore because of the software - and no, this particular model does not work with 3rd party software, I’ve checked that. No more Fujitsu for me.


Is your S1300 so different from the supported S1300i ?


Apparently. Even if other models are supported, the S1300 isn’t.


My six-year-old S1500M will be DOA on Mojave. Notice on Fujitsu website –

ScanSnap S1500/S1500M Compatibility Status With macOS Mojave v10.14

ScanSnap S1500/S1500M does not support macOS Mojave. There are no plans for adding support in the future since the support for ScanSnap S1500/S1500M has already ended.


@vco1 - I am coming around to your point of view also. My ScanSnap S1500M, purchased in either 2012 or 2013, is also not supported. This is unacceptable. If this were a cheap, under-$100 scanner, I would understand discontinuing support for new OS versions after a few years. The Fujitsu ScanSnaps, however, are expensive and marketed to professionals. It is not unreasonable to expect support for several OS upgrade cycles.

A technical consideration - apparently the current ScanSnap version (iX500) is not that different from my version, the S1500M. The latest software version available for the S1500M is out of date by several years. As explained in another post, a Fujitsu support representative advised me to install the current Fujitsu software version (v 6.3 L70) designed for the iX500 - it works on my S1500M. I mention this to support the idea that it would not be that difficult for Fujitsu to support the older models.

If I replace my S1500M with the current model iX500, I would be concerned that another replacement might be needed soon. It is my understanding that the iX500 has been on the market already for several years.

Don’t forget that the ScanSnap was plagued with software issues in the last couple of years (see link in this forum: “ScanSnap Online Update” thread.

With these issues in mind, I plan to encourage Katie and David to reconsider running ads for the ScanSnap. Fujitsu does not have a good track record with ScanSnap continuing support on the Mac.

*Edited to add: The “current” version of the ScanSnap, the iX500, was introduced in Jan 2013. Is it going to be obsolete soon?


Surprised to see so much complaining about this considering that Apple themselves obsoletes much of their own hardware with their OS upgrades. My 7 year old MacBook Pro won’t run with Mojave either!


I just got off the phone with Fujitsu support and she told me that I could download the driver for the ix500 as a workaround and it should work. Caveat from Fujitsu: First see if the S1500M works under Mojave on its own. If not, call Fujitsu support - 800-626-4686, option 1 for help. If that doesn’t work, I’m switching to an Epson WorkForce scanner.


Point taken, but not exactly a fair comparison, in my view. The OS is fundamental and intimately involved with the computer so incompatibilities are understandable. A scanner is a peripheral. Would you expect a disk drive, monitor or printer to be be obsolete after 2 or 3 OS upgrade cycles? Even after several changes in disk drive connection standards (ATA, IDE, SATA, SCSI, PCIe), I can connect and use (at least externally) very old disk drives with the appropriate connectors, adapters or expansion cards. I’m not sure what Fujitsu has done with its software, but it “breaks” easily as pointed out in this and other forum threads. Is there some reason why Fujitsu cannot use software that is compliant with a standard (TWAIN-compliant, maybe?) that would improve compatibility with OS upgrades?

I would point out again (see previous post) that Fujitsu’s current scanner, iX500, was introduced 5 1/2 years ago. When will it be obsolete?


Of course it does not specify what “later date” means.


I’ll certainly agree about using a standard (firmware) interface. That has killed many a peripheral I’ve bought with changing OSes which didn’t have drivers for the specific interface. Regarding the iX500 and the future, I’d expect the only guarantee is that it will get driver support as long as they are still making them. Much like the case where “mission critical” software breaks with a new OS, you always have the option to stick with the old.


The weird thing is that Fujitsu’s software just ‘breaks’ with every OS upgrade. Lots of software continues working. It’s not that Apple changes all their api’s with each upgrade of Mac OS. One would almost start thinking that Fujitsu is doing this deliberately.
Taking everything into consideration, my only conclusion can be: no more ScanSnap for me. As much as I liked my S1300.



Good point, can’t argue with that. Note, however that the iX500, the “flagship” of the ScanSnap line and currently advertised on the MPU podcast, was introduced 5 1/2 years ago. (edited: sorry to repeat comments made previously, but I wanted to address your point) How much longer will it still be made? Another year? Two? I would not want to purchase an iX500 now (to replace my “obsolete” S1500M ScanSnap), only to have the iX500 “obsoleted” in a year or two. And even if Fujitsu continues to manufacture the iX500 and provide software updates, there is a history of substantially delayed software updates after their software “breaks” with OS X and macOS upgrades.

Also valid is your point about sticking with an older OS version to maintain compatibility with crucial software or peripherals.

For Mac users, it boils down to choosing one or the other - upgrading to current version of macOS or staying with the ScanSnap line that frequently “breaks” with macOS upgrades. I’m choosing macOS upgrades. I have sent emails to Katie and David asking them to reconsider the ads (and implied endorsement) for Fujitsu ScanSnaps for Mac users.


I second your opinion, including your request to Katie and David to reconsider the ScanSnap ads. Since MPU seems to be more and more a commercial undertaking, I doubt if it will have any effect though.


I haven’t really seen any change in MPU’s level of “commercial undertaking”


Agree. Their ads, in general, are fine. It’s just that this particular product line is problematic for a number of Mac users. My view is that informing Katie and David of problems with an advertiser’s product support is doing them and their audience a favor. I hope they will view it the same way.


I have no concerns about MPU’s ads. Kudos to a great show David and Katie.

It would be nice, since this item is so integral to much of the workflows on MPU, for it to perhaps be addressed.


Well, the Fujitsu website still just says later date. It was ironic that it was an advertiser on the Mojave episode today. Anyone taken the plunge?


No, i will wait for the update.