Apple quietly raises price for Apple One, Apple Music and Apple TV+

Apple timed it well between all the big iPadOS and MacOS updates.

I am not sure about this. I have a family Apple one plan so I suppose will have to have a discussion with the family and reconsider if it’s still a good fit for us.

Any thoughts?

For me, its still more expensive to subscribe to each service plus the highest Apple One tier in my country only offers 200GB of iCloud. I have a separate 2TB plan on top of the Apple One. The only service I haven’t really maximized is Apple Arcade.

The increase in pricing is about $1.5 in regional pricing. Still, not bad. But hoping that they would at least increase the iCloud storage for countries that don’t have News and Fitness+ so I wouldn’t need to subscribe to the 2TB plan.

I’m happy for AppleTV+ division. A lot of work went into making it good enough to support $7/mo. I bet they can get to $10.

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I know how you feel. Interesting, New Zealand still does not get News, but we do get Fitness+. Our top Apple One bundle includes the 2TB. We had to wait, but clearly you’re waiting a lot longer!

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I think they don’t make a lot of money in our country. On the other hand, English is our second language. They don’t need to localize the content.

I think we’ll get Siri first on our AppleTV before that happens.

Same here (no News), which - after one year with (not often used) Fitness - in combination with the price increase reminded me to switch to the Family tier with 200 GB included. I get that increasing prices makes sense as of now, but it reminded me that I am paying for stuff I do not really use. :slight_smile:

I am in Australia and at $43 a month, it’s enough for me to reconsider it. Still undecided but this increase is encouraging me to have the conversation with my family. I don’t like paying for stuff we don’t use lol

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I have the Premier bundle just for the 2TB iCloud storage. We rarely watch Apple TV+ original content – it is preachy and, frankly, boring. News is category I roll my own.


It for sure is a matter of personal taste, but I have to agree that there is almost nothing I am interested in in Apple TV+. :slight_smile: The only TV show I have watched (not even that show in its entirety) is Ted Lasso. The only two things in Apple’s package I would not want to live without is Apple Music and iCloud storage (mostly the backup part).

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same here, but App lawyers probably afraid for suits if they don’t (f.e. for Fitness)

Oh, I am very bullish on Apple TV+. Ted Lasso is one of my favorite shows of all time and I also loved Severance. There are a couple others (Slow Horses, LOOT) that I really liked as well.

I don’t use games, news, fitness at all. I’d prefer Spotify for the AI, but I stick with Music for the privacy. I’ll be staying.


If you’re already subscribed are you grandfathered in?

The majority of Apple’s revenue comes from iPhone sales. And at some point everyone in the world that wants, and can afford, an iPhone will have one. But Apple’s stockholders demand constant growth so Apple, like many others, is looking to services as a source of continuous income. It was inevitable that Apple would start raising prices once their user base was large enough that they could afford to lose some subscribers due to higher prices.

I only pay pay $0.99/month for 50 GB of iCloud storage. That is enough to backup my iPhone and have enough room left to transfer large files when necessary. And I subscribe to Apple TV+ one or two months a year when they offer content I know is good (Ted Lasso) or hoped would be good (Foundation). But f Apple offers something new that I can use, I’ll consider it.

Subscriptions and price increases, like death and taxes, are now a normal part of life.


I have been on Premiere for over a year, this finally gave me the motivation to cancel it. I only really need music and extra storage space. The base plan’s 50gb, isn’t enough, so I need to figure that part out still.

Now its a no brainer to cancel this. I have been a subscriber since they created it. I use Family Music and Storage, but imo every other thing included for that extra $5 was garbage (yes, especially AppleTV). The only redeeming value of News+ was the magazine issues, but that can be easily replaced. So I now just individually sub to Music and Storage and save $7.

nope. Mine is already showing the new price in the renewal.

On Apple TV+, in addition to Ted Lasso, For All Mankind is excellent, and we also liked Severance and The Morning Show.


Mine isn’t yet, due to renew on the 30th

If I am not wrong, apple is obligated to notify each customer that is impacted. I doubt they can just renew you on the new price. I gather impacted customers will receive an email notifying of the revised price.

I may use this as an impetus to just cancel most of my subs… it felt good to cancel this one.