Bunch syntax highlighting in Atom

Hey everybody! I’ve been loving Brett Terpstra’s Bunch and I just created a plugin for Atom so that I can edit my bunch files with syntax highlighting and snippets. Just in case anyone else wants it, you can install it here: language-bunch

I also wrote a little about it here: Atom package for bunch syntax published | Henry’s Site

If anyone does test it out, there are probably problems and I’d appreciate the feedback.


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You should let Brett Terpstra know, if you have not already.

There is a section of the Bunch Documentation for IDE Packages and I’m sure he’d be happy to add yours.

From that section of the docs:

" Contributions Welcome

If you’d like to add support for Bunch files to your favorite editor or IDE, your contribution would be greatly appreciated."

Thanks that’s a good idea. I’ll definitely let him know.