Face ID Questions

What is everyone’s real life experience with Face ID? I’m currently running a 6s and debating on whether to move to a X or not. I love the larger screen but honestly Face ID scares me. Does it really work well? With sunglasses?

I have only one friend who has the old X and I see her having to lower her sunglasses to get the phone to unlock. In the phone’s defense, she is a muggle. That being said, she may have done a poor job in the security setup. Is that normal behavior for non-muggles? Am I doomed to a iPhone 8?

I have a fresh bottle of scotch waiting to help me get over the $1,000 price point but I need you guys to help with the Face ID thing please.

Works great for me. I don’t wear glasses, but it unlocks for me also with sunglasses on, polarized glasses and all. Also works with a hat, while brushing my teeth…


I am now imagining you wearing a hat while brushing your teeth.


I’ve been underwhelmed by it from whatever I’ve seen of my friends using it. On more than one occasion I’ve seen them having to make a conscious effort to look at the phone, which seems to me to be a step down from the super reliable and, IMHO much more convenient, Touch ID.

I have a 45 year old cousin who uses an iPhone X and her 16 year old son is apparently able to unlock it with his face! I was quite shocked to hear this.

Face ID has been great for me. I have had some issues this week in harsh sunlight with prescription polarised sunglasses and a baseball cap - which is not my my usual attire! But it has learnt over the week.


FaceID is a great invention. It works in most levels of light, and even when the phone is not parallel to my face – like when it’s on a table and I’m bending over it. My favorite aspect of FaceID is password completion driven by FaceID.

For some reason I like the firm “click” sound when the device unlocks or FaceID completes a password.

I hate it. I find that having to look at the phone and slide up is a huge friction point compared with touch id. I also get frequent fails needing my PIN, so much that I’ve reverted to a simple 4 digit PIN as I need it so often.

I’ve had mixed experiences with Face ID. It works reliably for me indoors but frequently fails outdoors and especially in what we probably incorrectly refer to as “full sun” here in the PNW. I also find that the phone insists that I enter my PIN for access at least once a day (similar to the behavior that Katie mentioned in a recent show). So I, too, have taken to using a shorter PIN than I’d prefer.

I moved to the iPhone X from a phone with first generation Touch ID (an iPhone 6). That was so unreliable for me that I turned it off. Face ID on the X is better than that but is still not quite what I’d hoped.

And no - mine doesn’t work when I’m brushing my teeth.

For me it works at least 1 out of 4 times not - looking at it directly and still does not work. I hope that the new improvements will take effect and increase the efficiency!

I regularly open my iPhone 6S Plus with a finger when it’s laying on my desk and a notification pops up that I want to act upon.

At first I figured that FaceID would be an annoying step backward, but then I realized that I always pick up the iPhone anyway after unlocking so this would actually be a tiny bit less fiddlier (assuming it’s as accurate/fast).

Looking forward to trying it out with the new xsmax … though in the US Apple’s not yet selling the phone in unlocked versions. (In the past it’s taken until December, sigh.)

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Thought I would add my 2p worth…

I listened to Katie on one of the podcasts saying someone suggested turn off require attention and that totally changed it for me, much better and works in low light. I wear glasses and contacts (not together…), Just had my hair cut considerably shorter and use sunglasses hear and there. None of these caused issues.

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With sunglasses on…wondering where in hell you left the iPhone.

Would be interested to know how it works in the car. I have my 7+ in a dashboard holder and if Siri tells me I need to unlock my phone before doing something currently its very easy…

Yeah I use it in car, works probably 80% of the time in holder I would say.

Hmm. I just ordered an unlocked iphone XS 256 this morning. It’s scheduled for a sept 21 delivery while the same phone mated to a carrier (AT&T) shows a delivery of Sept 28-Oct5

Wow, you’re right! That option was greyed-out in the pre pre-order period, and based on past unavailability I presumed it would continue to be greyed-out for a couple of months. Thanks for mentioning it.

Now that delivery estimates have slipped on the xsmas I might as well just wait to order until I visit my local Apple Store and see how the units look in person. It’ll also give me more cases to choose from. :smirk:

I think a lot of people think like you.

I changed to perceive it as, just swipe up.

There’s no need to stare at the phone then swipe just think swipe up - and as you are wanting to look at your phone that happens automatically.

When it works I smile - when it doesn’t you do think back to touchid. However, I wouldn’t go back as the notification reveal feature is so good.


Oh and yes I’ve turned off require attention.

I wear contact lenses or glasses. So far, the only problem I have had is when I pull the glasses down my nose a little in order to read text up close. I could probably train FaceID a few times to get it to add the difference to the stored profile.

You’re gonna love iOS 12. If Face ID fails, it shows the pin code screen but also keeps trying to read your face so you get in a few moment later without entering your code.