Home Setup a Year+ into the Pandemic

After we got the order to work from home back in March 2020, I took the second Thunderbolt display I taken to the office back home again (taking it to the office in the first place was part of a plan to teach myself to work with one monitor only in hopes of eventually transitioning from a MacBook to an iMac for personal use).

Almost a year and a half later I’m not only loving working on two monitors again (three if you count the laptop), but I’m dreading the eventual return to the office. The last 17 months of peace and quiet have been a godsend for productivity, and I can’t help but wish plague and pestilence upon those who keep touting the wonders of “collaborative, open, and exciting” office space for software development (have you ever noticed that the people who think those environments are great all have doors that they can close?).

Anyway, this is my humble work/personal computing space as of August 2021. The laptop is my work computer and Mac mini is beneath the desk. Switching from one to the other is pretty much disconnecting and connecting a single Thunderbolt cable.


Nice setup. Seeing the pictures of your 2 monitors got me to wondering: Have you or has anyone else using multiple monitors used a panoramic picture that goes across both screens?

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I created a thread for these!

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What a warm, peaceful working environment you have created @Luekutus. Thank you for sharing. I enjoy seeing the maps on the wall. For some reason there is always something soothing about maps. It underscores the importance of a workplace that is as thoughtful about what you see when working there as how it the place is set up.


Great space to work! Enjoy the maps as well.

I love your map collection!

I have a 27” iMac and 28” monitor next to it. I use Multi Monitor Wallpaper to use panoramic images as wallpapers that span both screens.

Before I got the 28” monitor I actually had two smaller monitors (22” and 24”, one on each side of the iMac) that I accomplished the same thing with.

PM me if you’re interested in seeing pics, I don’t want to hijack this thread.

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Nice maps! I’m by no means a cartographer but I do love geography and maps in general. I have several in my office. My favorite being the collection of USGS maps I spliced together for my backpacking trips when I lived in Idaho.

Welcome to the forum. Thank you for the link. You should copy and also post to this thread: Dual Monitor Wallpapers

Thank you, and done!