How much do you pay for internet?

Is this cool to discuss here?

Right now, we pay Centurylink $100/mo for pretty meager speeds (30 down, 2 up) and a landline. We can’t get anything faster (from Centurylink) even though fiber is running ~200 ft from our house and we have conduit laid and strung.

I’m looking at Comcast Business, which is $165 for 12 months then $180 for 12 months for 200 down, 20 up and a landline. xFinity (which is also Comcast?) is an option, though I don’t know prices/speeds because I don’t want to be on the phone for another hour.

These prices seem high to me. Are they?

(We don’t have to keep the landline, but it seems prices are cheaper that way, at least for Comcast. :roll_of_toilet_paper:)

Edited to add some clarifications and a note about xFinity as an option.


Definitely sounds expensive. I’m paying Cox in eastern VA about $100 for gigabit service but only get 600-800 down and 35 up. I previously lived in a remote vacation community and paid $70 for 25/5. They were installing fiber when we sold the house and the service was going to be about $100 for 1gb symmetric.

Pay Cox 150 a month in Rogers Arkansas because we had to add on 50 bucks to keep from going over the miserly 1TB cap.

I have xfinity performance pro+ (200 down, 6 up) and voice, it’s a bit over $100/mo. That includes modem rental. I had clink before but I couldn’t stand how slow it was. I don’t remember the price but it was less than I’m paying now.

One thing they don’t tell you about this combination is that you need a telephony modem. That cuts out a lot of options if you’re planning on buying your own equipment (hence the $14/mo modem rental).

I pay $150 to Cox for Gigablast and for constantly exceeding my data cap

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BTW that was supposed to be :roll_eyes: but it came out :roll_of_toilet_paper:and I’m just gonna leave it.


Here’s my bill :dollar:.
Also AT&T is Xfinity is Comcast.

I pay $80 for AT&T fiber. I signed up with them because they hit me up right at the time that I was irritated with Comcast. They gave me a $50 intro rate, and the installation tech said that they would continue that rate if I called them up and asked for it. They didn’t. I intended to switch back to Comcast for their promo rate, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.

I pay $90 month (supposedly includes a $20 discount, with no end date for the discount) for gigabit internet from Verizon (Fios). Pretty consistently getting 940/940 down/up – close enough to meet what’s advertised, IMO.

We’re paying $120/mo for 20 down and 2 up plus a landline. It’s also to CenturyLink. It’s the only option we have. We were only able to (barely) exceed sub-MB upload speeds by bonding two lines together.

FCC and state availability maps show us as having 5 or more broadband options available - not the none that’s the reality.

Too many errors in my original reply. Here’s my edited version.

In Mississippi, I was paying AT&T $40/mo for 25/1. Now the local electric company has fiber and the cost is $55 for 100 U/D and $80 for 1000. No throttling/no cap. No equipment charges. No fees nor taxes. Flat 79.95 per month for 1gb (actual 940 up and down).

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Xfinity in Sugar Land (Houston Suburb). $130 per month - Gigabit @$100 plus $30 for unlimited data 939 down 40 up. It took some time to get it set up but I have been very happy.

Rural Paonia from our local electric Co Operative. We have fiber to the house and our guest house and ethernet to our barns.

$54.95 for symetrical 150 Mbps both up and down. I can get 1 gig for $79.95/mo but we don’t need it and we have 8 desktop computers, several tablets and several phones all sharing that link. No data caps.

69 a month for 250/12 down/up from Spectrum (san Diego). Includes a free modem though I use my own. Service has been fairly solid with few outages.

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I pay $101/month for 50/50 fiber with landline phone. ZIply Fiber (was Frontier before and Verizon before that). About $11 is attributable to taxes on the phone and $10 is for router rental which is going away once I replace it with a Ubiquiti router later this week. No special deals or contract.

FWIW when I went from 25/25 to 50/50 I could see no difference at all for streaming and most services won’t give you 50Mbps for transfers anyway. Biggest performance improvement was with speedtest sites!

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Comcast 100 down, 5 up $76/mo.

They’re the only provider in my part of the city.

40 € for 50 down and 10 up with unlimited data and a landline in Germany

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Home: I pay USD28.49/month (as per this hour from IDR412,500) for 75Mbps upload and download 1:1. No quota (Fair Usage Policy).

This is considered high speed for home internet here. This package doesn’t include telephone line, because people here use VoIP (WhatsApp, LINE, Facetime) rather than phone. GSM is expensive for phone, but cheap for mobile data.

Phone: USD2.69/month (from IDR39,000) for 4GB internet with bonus a month of Disney+.

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120/6 Comcast for $50 in the Midwest—I think I’m saving $15/mo with a special. It’s our only meaningful option, sadly.

Are there any other service providers in your area that offer gigabit fiber?

To anybody in general…

If you live in a rural area and need access to decent internet for a cheap price, take a look at Starlink.

You might also want to take a look at what T-Mobile is offering.

If you live in an urban area and need access to fast internet for a cheap price, take a look at Verizon Fios or any other gigabit fiber service provider in your area.

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