iPadOS Homescreens!

Team MPU!

I was fooling around with iPadOS just now, and thought it would be cool to see some homescreens.

I’ve attached mine, though it isn’t really thought through yet.


Looks VERY nice! I don’t recognize neither the solid blue app icon nor the one with the Mercedes-like (ie, triangulated white) icon

That’s the icon for the testflight app.

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Mine is really empty. I had shortcuts on it before, but removed them as I like to have a very clean desktop.


I only ever use the tray or spotlight, so only rarely used apps are on the homepage. I am toying with using the space for shortcuts, but they’re currently in the tray on the left.


I like clean desktops too :smiley:


I’ve been without icons for a while, but new apple arcade titles are in on my desktop for the time being. Ever since I learned spotlight was the best way to do split view in ios 12 I stopped using desktop icons.

I didn’t realize this, but it’s a bit frustrating the shortcuts widget can be changed for iPhone vs. iPad. My RSA token is on iPhone so I don’t want to use up that real estate on iPad. Seems like an oversight to not allow an option to turn it off.


Such a beautiful critter!


Split view using Spotlight?! I need to look into this!

Me too.
I can get Spotlight to find an app that can then take up the whole screen but can’t make the found app take up half the screen.
Can anyone explain how to use Spotlight to make a split screen pair, or how it can be used to replace one of the apps in an existing pair?
I am on iPadOS

I think you need an external keyboard for that.

My apologies, yes. An external keyboard is required for the cmd+space trigger to bring up spotlight while in an app already.


Solid blue - Devonthink To Go.

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Yes, I get that, but how do you go from Spotlight to adding the app you want to make a Split screen?

the other one should be TestFlight (beta testing app from apple)

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Start dragging the app icon in spotlight then dismiss the spotlight search (hit cancel or swipe up with another finger). From that point the icon you’re dragging should behave just like you’ve dragged it out of the dock as far as multitasking goes.

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Solid blue is Devonthink toGo, if you mean the one next to Omnifocus?

Brilliant, thank you.
It makes perfect sense when you explain it.
I had dragged the icon everywhere but didn’t think of dismissing Spotlight first.
I love the no-app home screen so am now looking forward to lots more Splitscreening with Spotlight.
Once Microsoft update their apps it will be great to have multiple spreadsheets etc open.
Thanks again.

I can’t imagine using an iPad without my widgets not the left now. Does that gang think we should have something similar on iPhone or are you okay sticking with the swipe?

If it’s possible to make it look okay on the iPhone I’d use a widget view in landscape.

But more than that I’d like to see consistent, ever-present OS-wide drag-and-drop, even if it means integrating a barebones shelf that partially Sherlocks Yoink/Gladys.