January 2022 Hardware/Software Sales and Deals

Courtesy of @David_H , Tot for IOS is on sale for 9.99

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There are not a ton of sales each month. I wonder if it makes sense to have a yearly sales thread that we can just “watched” instead of a monthly one. I keep on having to remember to watch the thread so as not to miss out anything. Big FOMO here.

I prefer a monthly thread. The yearly ones goes way too long with all the discussions and posts around them. It’s more.organizwd this way.

My 2 cents.


I was actually going to suggest something similar: A new sales thread for each month, but have the new thread for each month pinned at the top of the “Latest” page so that it’s easy to find again.


I thought I’d throw out there that Balance (Meditation App) are offering a free year to all new members:

It’s well rated on the app store and, while I’m only four days in at the moment, I’m enjoying it a lot more than the likes of Calm, as it’s a lot more accessible.

The caveat to this is that I’m very much a noobie when it comes to meditation so, while I see there’s positive feedback for more experienced people I can’t talk to it myself.

Anyway, the link’s above if your’e interested!

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You know that if you “Watch” a thread, you will always be notified (an unread mark on your Avatar on the top left) when there are new post.

Because of this, you don’t really need a monthly thread. Just a yearly thread, set it to watch, and you will always be notified. Clicking of the thread will bring you to the unread discussion and you scroll from there.

I’m well aware of this feature. I just think that a yearly thread would become too long and disorganized, but I also want it to be easy to find the new thread every month. A pinned monthly thread would, in my opinion, be a good compromise.

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I don’t mean to be argumentative, but I disagree with this because there’s not much discussion on a sales thread. The volume is usually low - maybe during certain holidays where there are sales happening. And, it will be easy to catch up or quickly skim through such a topic.

Case in point, it’s already mid of Jan and we have just 2 post about sales - Tot and Balance. If it weren’t for @r2d2 the Jan thread would not even exist.

+1 for monthly.
Discourse has a bookmark system that can remind you on the first of the next month, which might help with remembering to follow the next thread.


+1 for monthly (and thank you for everyone who takes initiative to start the thread)
+1 for Discourse bookmarks (an underrated, very useful feature)


I have been using it for several months and am enjoying it. Good content as the app has some ‘intelligence’ which tailored the content a bit

Not sure if its @r2d2 that starts it each time but I noticed that every time the new month’s topic is created its always given the deals tag. I’ve set up a watch on the deals tag so I end up getting an alert to any post in the sales threads.

I like that its monthly so I’m not going back too far to see what any ongoing deals and with this watch setup I’ve done I don’t miss a new thread at all nor any posts that may go in it.

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Balance often gives out free membership. However, I am worried that I forget to cancel and get hit by a full (no discount) membership fee after one year. I know that I can set a reminder to cancel, still a worry for me

Man’s Search For Meaning
by Viktor Frankl

This gift edition come with endpapers, supplementary photographs, and several of Frankl’s previously unpublished letters, speeches, and essays.

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The deal threads have been monthly for a couple of years now. It doesnt seem like much reason to change them. I’m personally interested in deals and that’s why I post when I find a deal that others might be interested in. I try to post the current month link in the last month’s so that people will get notified easily. It’s community driven more than anything


Nice, I didn’t know you could set announcements for specific tags.

Just cancel the subscription straight away - you’ll still have your trial period and Apple won’t renew your licence unless you opt back in.

Balance yearly subscription $ is ridiculous. Who can remain “balanced” paying that $$$$$$$$$$$$$ :joy:

Great tip indeed. I will use this to watch sales thread from now onwards. Thank you.

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Took that offer at the start of the pandemic (almost 2 years ago) and paid (with a nice discount) for the second year. They are now offering me a lifetime plan for €139,99 (“65% off”):