May 2020 Sales and Hardware/Software Deals

$100 off the black Apple Watch 5 Nike edition at Best Buy: $299

iOS iComics reader now free from $2.99. Supports non-DRMed formats (ZIP, CBZ, RAR, CBR, 7ZIP, CB7, TAR, CBT, LZH, LHA, EPUB, PDF)

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This app helps you rhyme
anytime, big-time,
from rise-and-shine to bedtime.
They used to charge for a download
but for now we’ve hit the mother lode
as it’s gone temporarily free.
So listen to me, save your dough-rae-me, mon bel ami,
and click the link
lest the deal disappear in a blink
and it becomes clearer
the fault resides in the one looking at you in the mirror.


Apple Shopping Event at

HomePod $199.99
$100 off some Apple Watch Series 5 models
$80-$100 off iPad models (base iPad back don to $249.99)

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Lol that’s fantastic

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Izotope is offering existing Elements owners special $99 upgrade pricing all month on ANY Standard product! Save big and take the next step on your audio journey with Nectar, Neutron, RX, and Ozone.

You can get RX7 Standard for $99 down from $399 and most other Standard versions are $99

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Honestly iZotope makes upgrade offers more or less all the time, with agressive! Marketing! Emails!
I love their products, don’t get me wrong, but their special offers are coming back all the time, I got numb to them about a year or two ago :sweat_smile:

Whereas I only got into the market for these recently and I am enjoying taking advantage of their offers (plus I didn’t get notified by email because I usually opt out of them).

Whether the price should be nearer $400 or the on-sale $100 for what it is, I’ve no idea and I too would normally prefer a company to simply offer reasonable pricing all the time than this yo-yo.

Still, I feel like I’m getting a bargain!

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I own Izotope RX and three of the Elements products but didn’t see anything about the upgrade on the website, or about upgrade availability when I logged into my account. :man_shrugging:

But they are advertising on Twitter and the website a new Music Maker’s Bundle sale for $49 that includes:

  • BreakTweaker + Expansions
  • Stutter Edit
  • Trash 2
  • Iris 2
  • Nectar Elements
  • Neutron Elements
  • Ozone Elements
  • RX Elements

That’s a steal if you make music.

Affinity is still having their entire software product line (Publisher, Designer, and Photo, for all platforms) half price. This is $25 for Mac or Windows, $10 for iPadOS. Offer expires May 20. They have also extended their free trial periods to 90 days, but of course if you don’t buy by the 20th you don’t get the discount price.


Yes, thats an awesome deal. I am on the fence deciding if I should just get it while it’s available :slight_smile:

Groupon is offering 3 months of Pandora Premium (normally $29.97) for free, activation info sent by email.

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HoudahSpot is 14 years old and has a sale with 28% discount. Use the couponcode HS14ANN at checkout.

HoudahSpot is a great tool for searching. It is currently at version 5. For some recommendations see the MPU thread on Houdahspot (just after this version was announced).

Two nice integration highlights:

I can fully recommend this software.


I had seen somewhere that you could get a $99 CROSSgrade from any iZotope product which is a great deal but I never saw the $99 upgrade which is a crazy deal since there are constant deals for $29 Elements offers all the time.

Are you sure it was an upgrade?

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Yes, I’m seeing select Izotope crossgrades around the net, no upgrades. For example on Reddit I saw that JRRshop (which I’ve bought from over the years) has the iZotope “RX 7 Standard Crossgrade” from any paid iZotope/Exponential Audio Product for $83.16 with code: GROUP

If you need the Standard RX for audio restoration/editing and own any of the Elements apps it’s a fair deal. If you need the Standard RX and don’t own any Izotope apps yet, check out the $49 bundle I mentioned above, the other day - still a good deal in total.

FYI the differences between RX Elements and the Standard RX are:

Elements: De-click, De-clip, De-hum, Voice De-noise, Third-party plug-in hosting, Batch Processor, Fade, Find similar, Gain, Mixing, Module Chain, Module list filters, Normalize, Phase, Signal Generator, Spectrogram, Recording and monitoring

Standard adds: Music Rebalance** , Breath Control, De-bleed, De-crackle, De-reverb, De-plosive, De-ess, Interpolate, Mouth De-click, Spectral De-noise*, Spectral Repair, RX Connect, RX Monitor, Variable Time NEW, Variable Pitch IMPROVED, Dither, EQ, Resample, Composite View, Instant Process

Also, PluginBoutique (also a stellar shop) offers a similar $199 crossgrade for the Tonal Balance Bundle (Ozone 9 Advanced, Nectar 3, Neutron 3 Advanced). Niche apps for mixing and mastering, but they’re among the best around for those tasks.

Yes. I just got RX7 and I had RX 7 Elements.

I can’t seem to find this on the iZotope site. Is there any way you can point me to find the $99 upgrade price from RX7 Elements to Standard? Thanks!

Try this.

Or log in and check there

I’m currently using the 14 day trial as my eligibility lasts the whole month. I think I’ll bite.

I have the same issue - as I said I already own an old version of RX, as well as three of the Elements products, and there’s no upgrade listed under my Izotope account either. (And there’s no notice of this deal on Izotope’s main page or on Twitter either.)

However, the anything-Elements-to-RX crossgrade deal is on at JRRshop for $83.16 with coupon.

Try this link.

If that does not work, Login into your account on, Click on Account --> Loyalty Offers. It should list all the deals.

Send them an email, I could well imagine that a company as well set up for discounts as this one would be able to add a loyalty discount to your account if for some reason your matrix of purchases doesn’t trigger it automatically.