Monthly Software Club?

@JohnAtl’s recent dive into Hyper Plan and @Drewster’s blog post on his experience of the software encouraged me to download it, as I so often do perusing this forum.

The thought just occurred to me, what if we had a “software club” that operated as a book club does, and every month we could pick a different software to explore, and those who were interested in playing with it could learn and discuss it alongside others.

For example, I’ve already tweaked the look of Hyper Plan so it’s easier on my eyes (the default look was enough to have steered me clear of this software for years) and that’s something that others might appreciate (I sure would have).

Anyway, just an idea I’ll throw out into the ether and see if it resonates with anyone.


I would certainly sign up!

I guess the key question is format: arguably this whole place is a software club, so how would we differentiate this idea?

I imagine you’re thinking a monthly call or similar where people participate in live conversation, perhaps paired with a thread for each month/app for asynchronous exchanges over the course of the month.

If we go with something like that, perhaps it could be recorded and added to the MPU feed (or something) so that folks who can’t make the call can still listen in…


Sounds like a great idea!
With 14-30 day trials, or a one-month subscription, the barrier to entry should be fairly low.

I’m in. :slight_smile:


What an interesting concept. I’d be interested. What would the format be? Are there certain questions everybody would cover in a post? Then you could dive in on video? What if we reached out to the developer to also field questions?

Man I’d have to create an entirely new budget category for this! :joy:


@Bmosbacker, this is my concern too. Although, I do like the idea!

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Count me in


Ooo, this is a fun idea! Definitely interested.

Intriguing idea! Terrific!

MPU App of the Month Club? Great idea!

What about a video get-together? Folks could do a bit of show and tell as they want/need about some aspect of the app being considered. BYO wine, beer, and munchies.

I’ll start it off the next step … I nominate @beck as moderator and @ryanjamurphy as technical coordinator for 2022.




Fascinating idea, yes.

Sounds like a return to the days of User Groups where this was done all the time. Great times!

That’s hilarious, guess we start with YNAB. :slight_smile:


It’s free for 34 days, too.

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Definitely in!!

I do kind of like that’s it going to force me to keep my data super portable.

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And things and stuff.

I am in as well.

However, on the suggestion on video get-together, we may have to do it in 2 groups with 2 different time zones, given the diversity of people on MPU

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Fascinating idea! 20

It’s always good fun to pretend to be productive by tinkering with new tools. I’m in.