MP3 audio books to M4B on iOS

As a spin-off from This thread I’m wondering if there are any iOS / iPadOS apps that convert MP3 to M4B?

I have a great deal of audiobooks purchased outside of the Apple ecosystem which came in MP3 and I’d like them in Books instead of the Music app, and I’m all-iOS / all-iPadOS, hence the need for non-Mac / Windows apps

Can’t you use iTunes for that?
convert to AAC -> rename M4A to M4B?

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@JKoopmans: I had the same idea. There are a lot of tools for that. And they work great. On the Mac…

This the issue. I do not know about any app that is capable of doing that. The only one I know is this one:

But it does not mention m4b.

I have a lot of respect for everyone who already went iOS only, but it really is hard and sometimes still somewhat limiting…

I wonder if converting to AAC, and then renaming to M4B in the Files app would work🤔

Yeah, most things either work, or is doable jumping through hoops, and then some things just isn’t possible.

It has become somewhat easier to be iOS only, but still has a bit of way to go, though.
But that’s part of the fun :slight_smile:

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I am 100% positive, creating the AAC’s and then renaming them in finder does work.

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I just tried converting an MP3 to AAC in the app suggested by @Christian and then renamed the file in FileBrowser changing the extension to M4B (since the Files app won’t allow me to change the extension) - unfortunately the file is still read as a protected MP4 file, not an audio book🤔

Did you do it through itunes? (also changing the type to audiobook?)

No, he did not use iTunes. He is on an iPad only. No Mac, no PC -> no iTunes. :wink:

I have no idea how to get this done on iOS. If even the conversion to AAC and altering the extension did not work I am clueless.

The only not so helpful answer I have is: get access to a Mac or to a PC somewhere and do the conversion there… :slight_smile:

Thinking about it a bit differently:

  • you could use plex; would require a server or NAS running plex
  • use Overcast (with premium subscription) and upload the audiobook mp3’s
  • use “MP3 audiobook player” from the app store

(but the easiest way is through itunes on pc or mac)

Yeah, like @Christian said I’m iPad only so no iTunes unfortunately.

Hmm… I’d really hate to stay in MP3 format - severely in need of bookmark ability when listening to them🤔