November 2021 Hardware/Software Sales and Deals

Drop mechanical keyboards are on sale, 20-25% off.


Courtesy of @Christian. GoodNotes 5 price has dropped


Is Good Notes Universal i.e. one purchase good for both iPhone and iPad?

iPhone, iPad and Mac

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Well there goes some more money! Thanks a lot @r2d2 (and @Christian)!


I bought it after the initial news about Notability. Although with their reversal on prior purchases, I am undecided which I will stick with.

it’s not the latest $329 Bose Quiet Comfort 45 and doesn’t have USB C charging but seems to compare well

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Noise-Cancelling, with Alexa Voice Control - Black or Silver

$179.00 at Amazon

$179.99 at Target ending Saturday

$179.00 at Best Buy

I’ve had three of these over the years and they are the only thing that has ever allowed me to forget, for more than a few seconds, that I am trapped on a #@$%%* airplane for another 10 hours.

You might ask “If they’re so good, why have you had three?” Because my wife took hers (for herself) and mine (for a friend) on a weekend trip and left them both in the Las Vegas airport. :scream:


AirTags! $88.00 for a 4-pack

Does anyone care about Macrium Reflect, a backup software for Windows? There’s a 50% off Black Friday sale:

Upcoming sale for Strongbox, which was discussed in the thread around changes to 1Password:

There will be a 20% discount next week.


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They just released a networking-free version, Strongbox Zero, shortly after I mentioned my security concerns in my 1Password-KeePass migration guide.

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Eero: Save up to 40% on select mesh wifi systems.

“Terms apply. US Only. While supplies last. Sale ends November 29.”

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$15 Best Buy Gift card with $100 Apple Gift Card (Also for new subscribers, 3 months Apple TV+, 6 months Apple Music, and 6 months Apple News+)
Best Buy

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I received an email about the Eero sale and I’m jumping in to upgrade my Father-in-Law’s WiFi. The cable company gave him two modems and the poor man has to switch from one to another depending on where he is in the house…. :man_facepalming:


Paprika, the recipe manager app, is on sale until the end of November. 40% off.


Yes, I do. Excellent program to back up on Windows.

Two years ago I upgraded my v6 4-pack to v7 with the Black Friday discount (40% back then) and this weekend I upgraded v7 to v8 with the Black Friday discount (50% BF discount on the 50% upgrade discount, so 25% of a new purchase).

(already saw the deal on another forum, but thanks for mentioning it)

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You’re welcome. The 4 pack is such a great deal ($70) if you have 4 windows PC or people to share with. Otherwise, the single license at $35 is equally good as well.

Would someone using be willing to share a referral link.
I’m about to buy a one-year subscription through stacksocial.
Sorry to hijack this topic.

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