October 30th Pre-Order Thread!

Alright folks, if you intend to buy something after today’s event this is the place to vote and tell us what! Share your config in the comments if you want :slight_smile:

  • MacBook Air
  • Mac Mini
  • iPad Pro 11"
  • iPad Pro 12.9"

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12.9” iPad Pro 256GB and Smart Keyboard ordered


I plan to go to the Apple store on Nov. 7 or 9 to determine if I want the new 11’’ or 12.9”. I currently have the 10.5. If the 12.9” footprint and weight works, I’ll go with the larger size. I should be able to do 90% of my work on the new iPad Pro.


In a pleasant surprise the new Smart Folios can be ordered in all languages from all country stores - so that’s a 256GB cellular 11" iPad Pro with a English International Smart Keyboard Folio and an Apple Pencil ordered :smiley:


Bit the bullet - 12.9" iPad Pro 512GB cellular along with Pencil and Smart Keyboard.



12.9, 256GB, cellular, Smart Keyboard and Pencil!


Apple Pencil & the Smart Keyboard ordered :grin:

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iPad Pro 12.9", 512GB, Space Gray, cellular, smart keyboard, pencil.


Can you tell if the Apple Pencil can be attached magnetically to the iPad Pro with the Smart Folio covering both the iPad and Pencil? Thanks.

Yes. The new Folio keyboard attaches to the back of the iPad Pro, not the sides or top, judging by the photos, so where the Pencil attaches to the iPad, at the top of the iPad when in landscape mode, is free with the keyboard attached


IPad Pro 12.9", 512GB, space grey, WiFi only, smart keyboard, pencil.

I was planning to replace my 9.7” with a 12.9” anyway so I’m overjoyed that the overall size has dropped.

It looks like Apple is no longer making the Smart Cover for the iPad Pro, meaning that the only choice is to get the more expensive Smart Folio (which also protects the back). If anyone sees anything to the contrary, please let me know.


I don’t know if I should go with the new MacBook Air or get the current lowend MacBook Pros? I’m going to wait for the reviews on it but I’m leaning towards the Air because of Touch ID and smaller. Coming from a 2014 MBP.

512 GB 12.9 iPad Pro Space Grey. Still contemplating WiFi or Cellular models.

MacBook Air with 16GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD which is about 150€ less expensive than the equivalent MacBook Pro without Touch Bar and without Touch ID!!!

And it’s about the same price as the 12-inch MacBook adorable with the same RAM and SSD capacity, while lacking Touch ID and having only 1 USB-C port.

In fact, I would not be surprised if Apple would kill the 12-inch model and bring back an 11-inch Air with Retina display and Touch ID sooner or later.

The 13" MacBook Pro is the same height and width as the new MacBook Air, and the Pro is actually 0.02" thinner. The Air is 0.27 lbs lighter though.


I will pick up a Mac mini, I promised my wife I would buy nothing more this year, so I will hold off to January. It’s mostly going to be a plex server and possibly I might use it as a build server for my cross platform mobile apps

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I have a late 2016 MBP with touchbar and 1TB SSD and a keyboard that acts erratically. I’ve been very patient with it and am taking it in later this week for the Keyboard Service Program. After today’s presentation, the new MB Air is looking very attractive, although I would have to downsize to a 512GB SSD. The touch ID is a game-changer on my current MBP and I seldom use the touchbar. Apple would give me $980 on a trade-in. Decisions. Decisions.

12.9 256gb cellular, Smart Folio and Pencil ordered.