POLL: What is your task manager of choice?

It’s frankly probably overkill for most. Was for me, anyway.


What makes you say it’s a privacy nightmare?

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It could be that people with task managers that work well are off doing work, and not here answering polls :slightly_smiling_face:

Sort of like Albert Wald’s insight into survivorship bias.


I’ve been using OmniFocus since forever.

Occasionally when I have a project that has a large number of parallel tasks or subprojects, I use TaskPaper to manage the minutiae, with a higher-level entry for it in OmniFocus to make sure it stays on my radar and shows up in reviews.

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Sounds like you’re saying we might be better off looking at a comprehensive list of task managers and switching to the ones that are not being claimed by responders to this post? :slightly_smiling_face:


Trello as stated previously:

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My thoughts almost exactly.

Ok. I have to ask. What is a noob?

noob (plural noobs)

  1. (Internet slang, often pejorative) A newb or newbie; refers to the idea that someone is new to a game, concept, or idea; implying a lack of experience. Also, in some areas the word noob can mean someone is obsessed with things.

I am a bit surprised that todoist isn’t as popular as I thought it would be.

What is clear is the preference towards well designed native apple apps such as Things, Omnifocus and Reminders. All of these are on Apple platforms exclusively.


I’ve used most of those (not OmniFocus though).

I’m increasingly impressed by NotePlan, which best combines the benefits of digital with those of paper and pen, at least for me. I am confident I’ll try others eventually, but so far so good. I just wish it was easier to use it with an existing folder of plain-text notes (instead of its default in a deeply buried directory, for CloudKit purposes).

I used Todoist for a long time, and especially liked the sustain at the time for adding tasks with priorities, tags/folders and due dates, etc., all from the keyboard. At some point some of that changed to be a little less keyboard-centric, iirc, and it became less useful.

I really wanted GoodTask to work. Using the built-in apps is a close second to plain text for me – and I love the mail/calendar/markdown approach of layering app-based features over a central dataset available to multiple apps – but it just never clicked. Reminders is somehow too substantial as a checklist app, but too clunky (all that clicking and tapping!) for much more than that, and somehow I get that carried over to GoodTask. But maybe it has improved.


Agreed. What keeps me on Todoist is the natural language input. It’s the same reason I use Fantastical. I can simply type “Work on budget today at 3pm #Work” and the task is added into Todoist - done.

I used MS ToDo for a few months and the amount of moving your mouse around and clicking was exhausting. I’ve had the same experience with Things on Mac – too many clicks, too much mouse, but that’s me.


Per @JohnAtl’s trenchant anaysis, ToDoist users are all probably too busy using ToDoist and Getting Things Done with it to pay attention to a poll! :slightly_smiling_face:


These days I primarily use Reminders for most things, with Calendar for appointments and events. I’ve used Trello, Todoist, OmniFocus and Wunderlist (RIP) in the past, but realised that 90% of my tasks just don’t need those extra bells and whistles.


Thanks, John! I thought that may be it.

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Remember the Milk - cross-platform capture including Apple Watch and enough to handle medium projects but still lightweight enough to be nimble.

Yeah I use Omnifocus for bigger projects, but Reminders for short-term to-dos and, well, reminders.

After your post l decided to take a look at Reminders (currently using ToDoIst) WOW it really HAS come a long way! It’s been years since l tried it. Prefer to try and stick with native apple apps where possible…and love the ability to sync an email directly to it. May have to give it a try for a bit. Thanks!

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There are several really good YouTube videos on how to master Reminders that you may find helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:

For what it is worth, and it may not be much, I manage projects and tasks across six divisions with 200 employees plus every project and task in my personal life from writing, finance, home maintenance, etc. with Reminders. So far, no dropped balls. :crossed_fingers:t3:

Here is one:

One of the keys for me is using the Share sheet for Reminders when in Mail, Notes, a webpage, etc.


Surprised no one is using TickTick. It’s pretty awesome. Replace Todoist for me. And it’s free and super fast. Also, I love that it has a menu bar app to display/add items.