Predictions for Things 4

Can anyone please share the use case of tags? I use Things and put tasks in projects that are under an area with date for reminders/deadline. When would/should I need to use tags?

You can use tags to replicate GTD-like contexts. For instance, if you’re at your office, click on the « @Office » tag and it’ll show you only the tasks you can complete at your office.

I work a part time job and also do independent contracting for multiple clients. On the days where I am going to the job office in the afternoon I like to avoid seeing job office tasks until I am physically at the office. I therefore set my areas (I have an area per client) to have a tag that is identical to the name of the area. I also set each of my independent contracting clients’ areas to have a tag titled “clients”. That way on a Monday morning I can just filter the today list by the “clients” tag and it removes all of the personal stuff, and all of the tasks for my part time job (that I can’t really do until I’m at the office on Monday afternoon).

I also have a tag for a person that I work with quite a bit at one of my clients. Any tasks where I need to talk to them about it at my Friday phone call with them get tagged with their name. It doesn’t matter what project the task is in (they’ll all be the same area because it’s that one client), I can just hit that tag when I call him on Friday and run through the whole list.

I work in accounting / bookkeeping so I also have a tag for “gst” (aka VAT / sales tax). When the (every second month) deadline is coming up I can load my GST tag at any point in time and see the status of the repeating tasks across each of my clients. If I had tens or hundreds of clients I’d have practice management software to handle that, but I work basically in-house with a select number of mostly medium charity clients rather than externally across many trading business clients, so practice management software is a poor fit for me.

I have 4 areas of focus, 1 for personal items and 3 for work where I wear a few different hats. I tag the personal area as Personal and the 3 work areas as Work. This way, each task inherits this tag from the area. Then I can go into the Anytime list, filter by tag and see only my work or personal items. I do this at the start of each day when I’m deciding what to focus on at work and also when I get home to see which personal items I want to get done.

I also have a tag for Errands which I check anytime I leave home or the office for things I need to do when I’m out and about.

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But I can do that using Area too right? Have a Work area with all the work projects?

I guess so, but I think it would be too rigid for my needs. For example, one of my areas is school-related stuff (I’m a teacher). All the stuff I can only do on campus (meetings, for example) gets the @college tag, and all the school-related stuff I prefer doing on my laptop (preparing a lecture, for example) gets a @laptop tag. But like I said in an earlier post, I’m no conoisseur, I just started experimenting with tags.

That said, like Vincent pointed out, you can assign tags to your domains. That way, you could filter them more easily in the today view.

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What I’d love to see:

  • Add smart text detection for task input for dates, no big deal when using keyboard, but big deal on iPhone.

  • I don’t need to know that I have new tasks, make that yellow banner optional pls

  • Choose to eradicate “Inbox” and just add everyhing into today

  • My biggest ask - I’d like a list that shows today and upcoming in one, so I can choose to see all of my tasks, great for re-org (I open a second window on MacOS and iPad and put it side by side to work around this). This allows for drag and drop for tasks quite simply when planning the next week. See screen shot:


You can already get your biggest ask: Just make your photo two Things windows. One with the Today view with the sidebar, one with the Upcoming view. You can drag tasks back and forth with no problem.

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Yep sport on, that is what I do, however it would be nice if this was part of the normal product on both iPadOS and MacOS.

I setup a BetterTouchTool automation (that also uses Mosaic) to open two things windows, move them around and choose today and tomorrow.

Would be nice to not have to go to these lengths, just to see a single view of today and upcoming.

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Cultured Code just updated the Status Board on it’s website, moving this from in Alpha and coming December to in Beta coming January. Best part is the addition of a description:

“A major update for Things’ integration Apple Shortcuts, including 7 brand-new actions that give you immense power to manipulate your data.”

Kind of excited!

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I would really like a way to output records of tasks after completion. You can save a completed project to PDF, but tasks are listed in reverse chronological order and there is no way to change that. It also uses relative dates, which is the most useless thing I could think of.

I just say Sunsama and I would really like to see Things integrate time-blocking. I would be great if I could drag todos to something that integrates with Calendar or Fantastical so that I could plan out my week. Sunsama is really appealing, but it is just too expensive.

Based on nothing, I think Things 4 will be released when OF4 is released.

Just updated today to note that it’s been submitted to Apple. :slight_smile: