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So, you could record a Zoom Meeting, without everybody else is informed about that?

Yeah, just like you could with Audio Hijack and a myriad of other tools.


The idea is to leave it on all the time.
You can exclude certain apps if you want, and stop it if you’re using banking sites or what have you.

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I’m talking specifically about the audio element here, I didn’t think the idea was to leave the microphone on all the time?
It’s capturing the screen all the time.

I know it’s poor form reacting to a post this way, but I couldn’t find the GIF I wanted to choose to represent my feelings on this. Instead, a quick YouTube clip :rofl:

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I’m trialling this right now.
First impression is good, but I’ve only had it installed for about 24 hours - i really think the benefit comes after a few weeks…

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Boy the courts are gonna love this :judge: and the hackers :zombie: (there’s no hacker emoji so here’s a zombie).


Yes I think I can confirm that it seems to be recording all audio on MacOS and transcribing that (likely using Apple’s onboard tools?) and then indexing.

Still rough around the edges as I can only just seem to get a timeline and navigating that isn’t the most intuitive. I’m hopeful this can really turn into a useful productivity time machine.

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Not just the audio on the mac, it will record everything it hears.
I’ve since uninstalled and removed all the logs.


Part of me thinks this would be cool.

The other part is thing this has a great big hacking target painted on its back. I don’t need to attack your password vault to get your banking information I just need attack your recording system.

Spy agencies must be rubbing their hands with glee.


I’ve been using it for a few months. It’s pretty neat – I like how they do everything on device to (at least mosly) preserve privacy.

That being said, doing it on device comes with a huge battery hit. I’m not sure how to reconcile the CPU usage hit they talk about with the battery performance hit… My Maxbook 16 inch battery empties literally 30% faster when Rewind is running.

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Disappointing. Nothing got recorded. Really unintuitive UI and doesn’t look like a Mac app. I wanted it to be what it aspires to be but it’s nowhere near yet. Great idea, though.

Yeah, and doing so, without the knowledge of the others, could be a crime, at least within parts of Europe!
So, I am not sure whether it is a smart act, to have a system running on your Mac, that could get you some Jailtime just by being there…

The developer might have had some good intentions, but they way overshoot the target, from my point of view.
In addition, there are so many ways, this system could be misused, and turned against its user…
George Orwell would have had his pleasures with something like that…

It only records audio from Zoom meetings automatically, and that can be disabled - everything else has to be manually started and stopped.

I disabled it, since all my meetings over Zoom are in Norwegian anyway - and I see no point in wasting space on that.

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How long until companies start installing such tools on work computers?

Or regimes like China on everyone’s?

I thought many had already installed spyware on their employees.

Companies: “All your base are belong to us”


This could get you 3 years jail time, in Germany!
And there are similar laws within other European countries, too!

Why do you thing, that this is not already happening!

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Oh thanks I didn’t realise that since I’m mostly on mains power but I’ll watch out for it.

It’s still in beta so lets see where they go with it but hopefully it improves fast.

Rewind seems like it could be occasionally convenient but it does not offset the risk to personal information. Can you imagine someone getting “canceled” for something they may have said 10 years ago? Oh wait, that’s happening already. This tool just makes it easier to go through :clap: every :clap: single :clap: detail of someone’s conversations and data - all wrapped up in a tidy little package.