Soo, what software did you end up buying on Black Friday / Cyber Monday?

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Curious what you ended up buying this weekend? Personally I felt there weren’t that many great deals this time around, but for me:

  • Mountainduck (can mount servers / s3 as dropbox-like drives)
  • Controller for HomeKit (something like Home+)
  • StopTheMadness mobile (safari extension to get rid of things like right-click hijacking, disallow copy-pasting, etc.)

Just for fun:

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Upgraded my Little Snitch license ($12) that had fallen out of use. Installation was simpler than I remembered (Intel then, M1 now.) Seems to run with a lighter touch than I remember. Did have to check a box to allow a system extension to be installed.

(A day later, I restarted into recoveryOS to check the Startup Disk security policy setting, and it was still set at Full Security. :slightly_smiling_face:)

I think the only thing related to Apple stuff I got for cheap was Downie (thanks to @Bmosbacker thread). If games count as software, I am going to get some stuff on the Steam sale today.

I usually ignore Black Friday, but I spent a small fortune on non-tech stuff this year.

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I didn’t get anything. HUGE savings! :slight_smile:


I upgraded from Craft Premium to Craft Business.

p.s. The 50% discount (promo code HAPPYBD) ends TODAY (November 28, 2022) and is available to both new and existing Craft users.


I got Arturia V Collection and a bunch of Universal Audio plugins.

I bought Clean My Mac X, mostly so I can get Adobe off of my machine. I’ve never seen such sticky software as Adobe Creative Cloud, so when Clean My Mac showed up in my inbox this morning with a 30% off deal, I was all in.

I also bought a new monitor. Not software, but I’m excited about having more screen real estate to play with!

Per an answer to another question I had the other day, I looked closely at Stop The Madness and then bought it for all my devices. Based on the website, it may fix up a problem that has driven me nuts for a long time - not being able to copy text / autofill into a password confirmation field.

Once I read this, I was sold.


I jumped into the Craft club with 50% off a Pro subscription.


I was tempted by several, but stuck to the one I decided several months ago I would wait on Black Friday for — completing my Topaz Image Quality bundle. Got a nice 20% or so discount. Just the ticket for old scanned negatives and slides.

I was debating between Topaz and DxO since they both had sales, but through indecision and not knowing if I really need them, I didn’t get either.

Lots of stuff!

  • DEVONthink Pro 3
  • DEVONthink To Go 3
  • MacSparky DEVONthink Field Guide
  • MacSparky Keyboard Maestro Field Guide
  • MacSparky Shortcuts for Mac Field Guide
  • Pixelmator Pro
  • CleanShot X
  • PDF Expert Pro subscription (50% off first year)

A few things …

just wondering 50% can be used to extend current subscription ?

I have both the Topaz suite and DXO PhotoLab5, even though I do most of my editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. I’ve found that I rarely use the Topaz tools, but use DXO as my raw converter for every single photo I take. It is substantially better than either Lightroom / Camera Raw or Topaz for that purpose. It eliminates noise much better than Topaz, IMO. If I’d bought DXO first, I wouldn’t have bothered with Topaz.

I don’t know what you plan to use either Topaz or DXO for, but if it’s raw conversion & noise reduction, DXO is excellent. You don’t have to buy the whole DXO package for that: you can buy DXO PureRaw as a plug in for Lightroom or Photoshop.

Their Cyber Monday sale is still going. Just sayin’ :wink:

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How were you able to modify your subscription. I have trying in vain. When I do it on the web it launches the craft app or prompts for license. Either I’m dumb or something is gravely wrong in what I’m doing.

Upgraded my Craft Pro to Business. Now asking for a license refund.

Bought Soulver 3.

Upgraded my Affinity apps to version 2 universal license.

Not sure. I think if your current subscription is through Apple, you can buy the license on their website and cancel your subscription. They’ll refund the rest.

@sangadi – I took a bit of experimenting to figure out how to change my plan.

What worked for me was to the Craft Pricing Plans and click the Buy Now for Business. I was prompted to upgrade my account and went ahead with my payment.

I had previously subscribed to Craft through Apple. I cancelled this subscription, which was set to automatically renew on December 25, 2022. Once the upgrade was complete, I received an email from Craft with instructions for receiving a refund on the unused portion of the previous subscription.

I hope this helps!

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Yes someone asked the same question in the support centre