Upgrade to Monterey

My impression is that it’s pretty safe to upgrade to Monterey. Is that true?

Also how long does it take? Does it depend on your Mac? I have a MacBook Air with 8 gb Ram.

Just did it in about 1.5 hours but I was only checking in periodically. The initial download told me it would be 2 hours at first. Everything seems fine.


Mine is about to finish downloading but my Internet isn’t overly fast. Will check how long actual install takes. MB Air 16GB/1TB.

Edit: Initially predicts 58 mins
Actual: 30 mins all done

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Wow! Mine says five hours and I have a great Wifi connection! Oh well! First time my M1 has done anything slow

My download said 5 hours, probably took 2 hours?

Then, for some stupid reason unknown to me, I poked around, and inadvertently upgraded to Big Sur and then had to restart the download for Monterey! :thinking:

And now I’m playing around with mouse cursor size and colours!

I’m also trying to write an article and look after a greyhound that lost a fight yesterday! #goodtimes :roll_eyes:

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I did the math, rounding it out of course. My best estimate is two hours.

Do you have another Mac? With a colorful mouse?

Greyhounds are beautiful critters!!! I love critters. I don’t adhere to the dog v cat which likely originated in cartoons.

Sweetie is a friendly Kitty that is put out every night by her owners except in the bitter cold and she is a pipsqueak. I’ve been feeding her for 3 yrs or more. Another cat came around and my friend and I felt sorry for him. Two tenants are feeding him all day/all night. Sweetie is afraid to come back. Someone here is trying to adopt the big cat who has no home at all. I miss my friend.

Good luck with the greyhound!

What do you write?

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Took about 50 minutes to do the upgrade. Not a fan of the “Monterey” Pink Hues Background. I am surprised they didn’t include all the amazing views of Monterey instead. Unfortunately, these aren’t dynamic.


I write on human performance v potential. Today’s attempt is on reflection. How we can use reflection to our advantage and improve our performance by digging into what we did well and what we could do better next time. It sounds great in my head at 3am. Now, at 2 in the afternoon, I’m struggling

In Monterey you can change pointer colours under: System Preferences - Accessibility - Display - Pointer (A good time waster) My mouse pointer is now like this:

Sorry about your friend. It’s funny how we can attach ourselves to the critters (love that term by the way, going to adopt it!) They are so affectionate and great to have around.


Installed Monterey. It’s finished in about 1,5 hrs or so, no big issues.

Surprisingly I haven’t seen any “what’s new in Monterrey” or “Optimizing your Mac” messages.

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My install seems to be stalling at the end of the download.

I left my Mac Mini for a few hours, only to come back to it saying ‘12.13 GB of 12.13 GB’, waited for a bit and then rebooted. I’ve tried again (it seemed to not re-download much) and once again stuck at the end of downloaded for the last 30 minutes. Should I just keep being patient?

Same, downloaded in 50 minutes and installation took 40 minutes (I count, because I upgraded on working hour).

Also same, it reboot like usual, the only difference I see was Safari Tab and introduction popup when opening Messages.app

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It took 2 hours.

The thing I have always loved is being a lifelong learner and there are a few things that rarely fail to interest me, Highest on the lists are anything Mac, space (so very over my head… pun intended) and writing (mostly kids stuff but it could be anything having had prayed fervently for essay tests).

I did make a list in things 3 and in reminders (LOL!) of things that inevitably get me interested. And I add to them. Maybe one might reflect on things they were good at as kids. The talents and interests are often still there but get bogged down by grown-up stuff (jobs). No reason why one or two of those interests cannot be reignited. Interests can lead to jobs, the rewarding kind. Reflecting just means thinking about, right? I got an idea. I just pulled up Word Book (great app, btw) on my iPad . There are some terrific synonyms that will help if you are still stuck. I started coming up with ideas myself (that’s why I think it might help).

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I swear, I was just going to change the wallpaper last night before the download. I love it. But yours is quite lovely.

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I installed it on the MBA not-M1 last night, in about 90 mins. I usually do a fresh install, but upgraded this time, so that may have made the process slightly longer.

One reason for the upgrade route was that I wanted to try the the new feature to erase user data from within Monterey, which should be easier than faffing around with USB / internet installs.

I was going to play with that this morning, but over breakfast I seem inadvertently to have ordered an M1 Pro to pick up this afternoon, so I won’t bother with the fresh install till the refund box arrives.


Upgraded the M1 MBA to Monterey. Downloads took about 40 minutes and the upgrade itself is another 40 minutes. I don’t know if it feels faster than Big Sur but I am looking forward to having more battery life.

Aside from that, I am not sure what else is new (the features in Apple website does not impress me). Maybe this is a performance upgrade, which I am totally fine with that. It’s about time someone take one year to optimize macOS.

Is your writing available online? Link?


I upgraded 3 Mac today. The M1 MacBook Pro was on beta already, so it only took 30 minutes and a small download. The two other M1 Mac mini and Intel Mac mini had to be upgraded from Big Sur with the 2.6 ? GB download but the upgrade took less than 50 minutes.

Overall, there is no surprise from my beta experience. However, I was surprised / upset that Bitdefender did not work properly. It blocked the time machine back up. Contacted their tech support only to be told that Bitdefender is not ready for Monterey and sounds look it would not be ready in a hurry

Working great on my MacBook “Adorable”.

15 minute download
50 minute install

Like others have mentioned on other posts; everything feels snappier which is AWESOME!


I like the tab in Monterey’s Safari. But, I miss how the toolbar follows the color of the website, which is not possible unless I choose the Compact mode. Sigh!

Just upgraded my iMac 27 2017 in just under an hour, download included.

Again hit the snag on the final pass where the updater asks for the password, and it doesn’t recognize my Logitech keyboard. Had to pull out my 15 year old IBM keyboard and plug it into the USB-A port. Not a great experience, but at least I got it working.

Naturally very anecdotal at this time, but the systems kinda seems faster than on Big Sur.

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