What will MacSparky buy, if anything?

Now that the Apple event has passed, we can stop the rumors and speculations about what will be announced.

I propose that the new big question meriting rumors and speculations is, “What will @MacSparky buy?” :thinking:

He’s been saying for months that his M1Max MacBook Pro will likely be his computer of choice for the next several years … But what’s going to happen with the new M1 Ultra announced, with 2x the computing power of the M1 Max??

Will he continue with the MacBook Pro, or will it get traded in on an M1 Ultra Mac Studio?

So many rationalizations available … “Now that I’m full-time MacSparky, I’ll need that extra computing power.” “Now that I’m doing more video for MacSparky Labs, I’ll need that extra graphics power,” etc.

Maybe I could take bets! What’s your bet?


I may regret this, but I’ll go out on a limb and say @macsparky won’t buy a Mac Studio, at least not right away. For his current ‘itinerant around the house’ lifestyle his tricked out MacBook Pro really is the best choice. Once he has the new MacSparky studio built, though, all bets are off.


I’m guessing that SparksLab™ is going to eat all discretionary spending at the Sparky household for a while.


Come on, MacSparky. Take one “for the team”. You’ve been using that 16" MBP Max for months. Months. That’s crazy!!!


@MacSparky will by the Studio. The big question is will he get the high end or low end. He certainly does not need the monitor.

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Not just the Ultra. The Max supports four XDRs as well.

@MacSparky needs his 6k in the middle and a 5k, in vertical orientation, flanking each side. Command central!


You guys are quite the group of enablers!

I’m actually intending to add a room onto my house to act as a studio so wouldn’t it make sense to a “Mac Studio”? Right?!

Either way, I’m sitting on my current gear. Right now I really need to be able to move around the house and shoot screencasts in disparate places. No promises where I’ll be in the future but I won’t be buying one at this point. Now as to the other MPU host …


We all know about the other host. @ismh surprised me with this purchase. Wow. Technology moves fast and some people love to be on the cutting edge.

Didn’t take @ismh long to ditch the Mac Pro, did it? :smile:


I would have done the same thing in Stephen’s shoes. That Mac Pro is only going to get less valuable over time. That’s why I made the trade deal with Intel iMac Pro last year.


I was going to trade in my iMac to Apple as a part of my Mac Studio purchase, but Apple was only giving $1,450 for it. I thought I’d just do some cross-checking, and got an offer from cashforyourmac.com for $2,210.95, a difference of $761.95! That’s a huge difference.

I’ve sold Apple products to cashforyourmac.com before and it’s always been a very positive experience.

Just a warning to others to not just take Apple’s trade-in value without checking around first. I was surprised how much more it was worth than what they were offering.

This seems pretty device-dependent. By all means, people should check. But they wanted to give me nearly $1,000 less than Apple for my iMac Pro.