Where do you use your iPad?

After four years in a place with no outdoor living space, I moved into an apartment with a nice big balcony . . . in October. I didn’t get much chance to enjoy it before the weather got cold, but now it’s warmed up again and I’m out on the balcony, iPad in hand, enjoying a nice evening.

This got me wondering. Other than the usual suspects of desk/table/couch, were do other MPU listeners use your iPad?


I have a TV and Apple TV on my patio. So i don’t use it there anymore. On vacation or traveling the iPad Pro is amazing for me. It has pretty much replaced my Macbook Pro for anywhere I used to take that. My next Mac will be an iMac Pro.

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Where i live in the great Northwet we have many 50° F. + Days.Our condo’s car port (garage without a garage door) provides shelter from prevailing winds and the sun heats the area.

Later when our ornamental container garden is growing I have two areas to set up in it.


On the patio a lot — especially in the summer, when academics still have plenty to do but generally have a very flexible schedule.

I’m not out there just yet, though, as I’m a good bit further north than you are. Soon! :slight_smile:

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I try to take my iPad on most occassions. This was last year during my stay in Sweden and I didn’t really miss my Mac those weeks.


Out back on the deck, in the sunroom with the dog, on planes (without the dog). I was thinking today that many people seem to use it at their desks, to supplement their Macs, something I never do. Don’t see the point.

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In the train, for reading digital magazines.

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Trains, planes and automobiles. Whenever I travel the iPad is with me, loaded up with work and pleasure reading materials, music, videos.

My iPad is usually nearby wherever I am.

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Everywhere I can, the form factor and weight are perfect for use anywhere

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At home, but also in this office. I fly in Lesotho and use the iPad (and recently apple pencil too) on every flight. In fact, I feel a little lost (errrr, maybe literally) without it. It does so much for me on our daily medical flight here. Love it. Its an iPad 6th gen in a nice rugged case, used with a leg strap while I’m flying.


Local Pub

And any public meeting especially as we are fighting fracking in our watershed and I often have to look up stuff on the fly as I craft my rebuttal responses to Gunnison Energy BS. I set up my own wifi hotspot with my phone since my iPad is not cellular enabled.


I’ve never cared for large phones so my iPad is usually close, either in a thin portfolio with the few papers, etc. I may need or in the map pocket behind the front passenger seat.

  • Lots of coffee shops
  • Next to my computer at work (sometimes with Duet, sometimes as its own thing)
  • Front porch swing
  • Back porch chair
  • laying on the couch trying not to fall asleep and let it tip off my chest
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I only have it either at work or in my living room. When out with my family and friends or on holiday I don’t even take it, and I don’t take a phone out with me anymore (on holiday I take a phone but leave it in the hotel, and normally don’t need it).

My watch allows me to do task management/calls//messages etc and listen to audio books, and it’s great not having digital distractions around.

Basically everywhere as and when needed:

  • back of the taxi
  • airport terminal
  • in flight
  • hotel bar
  • restaurant, when dining alone
  • on vacation, for trip planning, photo editing
  • as a tray when getting the good coffee downstairs
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Why do you use it in conjunction with your computer at work? You have a perfectly good computer right there.

If your work computer is Windows, then that’s my answer!

Windows? Goodness no. Gross.

I mostly do it because it has a completely separate iCloud account on it. I also like to have my incoming email, web browsing (like this forum) and Slack on it so I don’t get distracted on the mac. I do all my real work on the Mac at work.

Occasionally, I’ll hook up Duet and draw with the Pencil right into something on the Mac, too. That’s about it.

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On my desk at work I’ve got a Windows box, my MacBook Pro connected to an external display, and my iPad Pro. I’ll use whichever best suits what I’m doing.

For instance, our work email and calendaring is so locked down that I can’t put it on the Mac except through the Office 365 web client, and I don’t want to put any of my personal calendars on my work PC, so the iPad is the only device that has both personal and work calendars on it. I do a lot of my calendaring on the iPad. Or I may have handwritten notes in Goodnotes up on my iPad while I work on something in iA Writer on the Mac. I also have some Shortcuts on iOS to set up complicated projects in OmniFocus, so I’ll use the iPad for that.

Now, thanks to the large screen and better ergonomics the Mac is my first choice for a much greater portion of my desk bound tasks than the iPad is, but for some things the iPad is better and it’s right there, so why wouldn’t I use it?



I should at least make a point to bring my ipad into my home office and set it up next to my desk every morning, and see where that leads me.

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I use my 12.9 as my primary note taking and reading device while I’m working in my lab. I’ve become absolutely DEPENDENT on having all my records and notes on hand.