684: 20 Mac Apps Under $20


I wish we would get more of a heads up for these episodes. That way I can save up and and not have to bust into my emergency fund to pay for all the apps I’m going to buy. :joy:


Looking through my Applications folder (all prices in US $) …

Note that I’ve collected these apps over a number of years, and there is some duplication of functionality. And while they might be on my hard drive, they might not be in active use. I am definitely an app collector. :slight_smile:

Perhaps you will find something useful, happy browsing!

Actions Additional actions for the Shortcuts app (free)
AltTab AltTab brings the power of Windows’s “alt-tab” window switcher to macOS. (free)
Amphetetamine Keep your Mac awake. (free)
AppCleaner AppCleaner is a small application which allows you to thoroughly uninstall unwanted apps. (free)
Browsers Open the right browser at the right time. (free)
Bunch Bunch is a utility that uses plain text scripts called “Bunches” to automate context switching. (free)
Button Creator Create Key images quickly. ($3.99)
ClipTools Clipboard Manager and More (free)
CodeRunner A lightweight, multi-language programming text editor and IDE for macOS. ($19.99)
CotEditor The Plain-Text Editor for macOS. (free)
CustomShortcuts Customize Mac Menu Keyboard Shortcuts (free)
DB Browser A high quality, visual, open source tool to create, design, and edit database files. (free)
Desktop Curtain Hide your clutter. ($5)
DevToys Swiss Army knife for developers (free)
DIM Memorizes and restores icon positions. (free)
Finder Windows Access macOS Finder windows easily ($9.95)
HotKey A macOS app for simple keyboard shortcuts (free)
iTerm A replacement for Terminal. (free)
Karabiner A powerful and stable keyboard customizer for macOS. (free)
Key Codes Utility that displays the key code, unicode value, and modifier keys state for any key combination you press. (free)
Keymou Keyboard Mouse ($5)
Notenik Do More With Your Notes (free)
OpenInTerminal Select in Finder, open in Terminal (free)
Paletro Command Palette in any applications on macOS ($6.99)
Permute Easy to usemedia converter, ($14.99)
Platypus Tool that creates native Mac applications from command line scripts. (free)
Popclip Text selection tool. ($16.99)
PowerMenu Workflow enhancing Finder extension. ($9.99)
Printopia Wireless printing to any printer. ($19.99)
rcmd Reimagined Command-Tab. ($5.99)
Reflex Reflex takes control of your media keys, and directs them to the app of your choosing, as long as that choice is Music (née iTunes) or Spotify. (free)
Shareful Give the macOS share menu superpowers. (free)
Shortery Shortcut Automation for your Mac. ($5.99)
SQLiteStudio Create, edit, browse SQLite databases. (free)
SwiftQuit Close Mac Applications Automatically When Their Windows Close (free)
Swish Insanely great window management. ($16)
Touch Portal Touch Portal: The macro multi action remote control. ($13.99)
Übersicht Desktop widgets in Javascript. (free)
Unclutter A new space on your desktopt organize your Files, Notes and Clipboard data ($19.99)
WhiccSpace Menubar space indicator (free)
Yoink Improved Drag and Drop ($8.99)

Inspired by posts like this one:


Is it bad that I was expecting the Tembo elephant to be cuter? I feel mean. :frowning:

I always enjoy this format. The lifetime award’s a good idea for apps that have been great and cheap for years. You might have to do a $20-40 episode some time as prices go up, too!


Discovery wasn’t listed in the show notes, so here’s the link: ‎Discovery - DNS-SD Browser on the Mac App Store

I also feel that this should have been its own chapter.


After finishing this episode, I went to check the price of PopClip, an app I use throughout the day and probably every day. (And I see it’s on @MevetS list as well.) A license is $16.99, so it fits the bill. Probably in my personal hall of fame, for that matter.


Don’t appearance-shame the Tembo elephant, @cornchip

Yes, PopClip was such a massive exclusion that I expect it was a simple oversight on the part of our hosts. I use it many times a day, every day. It’s so ingrained in my workflow that I don’t even think about it anymore–and I suspect the same may be true for our hosts.

Which is funny because when I first learned about PopClip, I thought, “This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard about. I have to download this stupid thing so I can see how stupid it is.” Turned out it was by no means stupid.


Is anyone else trying out Einstein? I would love to get it working. I got a Newton ROM, no problem, but Einstein seems hung on “Booting.” Anyone been able to get it running?

Love the episode topic. I have been buying affordable shareware for the Mac ever since I owned one. And I love using MacUpdater to keep it all up to date! :slight_smile: I also love Doug’s AppleScripts (for Music). Another one I haven’t seen mentioned is Mountain at appgineers.de (take charge of your external drives!). If you balance your checkbook old school, like me, then CheckBook Pro is currently on sale for less than $20. And lastly, purely for fun, how about PoolSuite FM :notes: :thong_sandal:. Sorry for the paucity of links, I’m a new user so I’m limited.

Thanks for costing me $ guys! :joy: Recommendation for honorable mention category is UpNote. $24.99 for a lifetime account is beyond reasonable.


Added. I must have missed it while recording.

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Cool! Thanks.

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I was really surprised to hear you rave about Downie (sp?). As content creators, lauding an app that intentionally bypasses licensing restrictions seems a bit self-defeating, and does harm to YouTube/Vimeo etc creators.

I didn’t know that it is illegal to download videos from YouTube.

From https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/is-it-legal-to-download-youtube-videos/:

There’s no room for interpretation; YouTube explicitly forbids you from downloading videos unless you have permission from the company itself.

I believe if you are a primium subscribe to YouTube, you can download to your devices but I guees those download would not be accessible once you stop the subscription. I have not tested that but that is my assumption

I know I am on a bit of a soapbox here, but downloading copyrighted videos without permission is illegal. This can harm content creators by reducing revenue, traffic, and engagement on their website or platform, potentially limiting their exposure to new audiences. Users downloading content using a third-party service can make it difficult for creators to control how their content is used and distributed. They may not have control over the quality of the downloaded content. This can reflect poorly on their brand, or they may be unable to track or monitor how their content is shared or used.

i agree with you , but I wanted to point out that download to your own device under the YouTube primium access should be legal as it is sanctioned by Google/YouTube. I doubt you can share the downloaded file to othes as there must be some sort of DRM protection on the downloaded videos

Just as another data point here, I’m a full-time YouTuber, and I wouldn’t care if people downloaded my videos with an app like Downie. It doesn’t “harm” me in any meaningful way. It’s way easier for the vast majority of people to just watch the videos in a browser or the YouTube app, and that will always be the case. If someone wants to watch my videos offline that much, more power to them.


This is my favorite type of show. I think David said “this is the last we’ll do a show like this”. I may have missed the reason why as I took me a week to listen to this. Was it mentioned earlier, why?

I hear it as “this isn’t the last time we’ll do a show like this”


Good episode. They should do more of these and revisit them once a year.

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