Farewell to Evernote

I use the iOS built in screenshot capability, after which I can annotate with an app. I generally use one called TitleFx for this purpose.

I happily got everything out of Evernote this year. Everything! I used the Legacy App as @quorm noted. Get that app now and keep it safe. Then used Yarle to get everything into Markdown files. Just copied the whole thing into Obsidian and now everything is there, including all images and PDF’s I previously stored. So easy and love having everything in one place.


You can open export from Day One in Bear. Then each entry from Day One will be created as own note in Bear. Export all notes as Markdown or what format you prefer and move into DEVONthink.


I’m not a GitHub user …. Any, frankly a little intimated :slight_smile: can anyone walk we through this to get my Evernotes to Markdown ? Thanks !

Another former Evernote user here; April 2008 until just recently. Subscription came up for renewal earlier this month, and it didn’t make the cut. Fond memories, but time to move on.

My exit strategy was uncomplicated— after futzing around with AppleScript solutions and doing some exports via Bear to retain creation dates, I dumped the bulk of my archive via HTML to Dropbox and let my account slide into “free” status…

I wrote a comment a few years ago in the thread [Time to rip off the Evernote bandaid - can you help me to chose my new "Evernote"?], which seems applicable here.

Like @MitchWagner, I was and remain very much down on “everything buckets.” I abandoned using them for the reasons quoted in the article I posted in that linked comment. As a footnote, I’ve found that my move away from everything buckets has been highly successful for me in the following ways.

  • it has enabled me to organize my information better and more easily;
  • it has allowed me more easy and efficient access to the information;
  • it has enabled more efficient “capturing” of the information;
  • it has provided better contextually useful ways of accessing my information; and
  • it has enabled me to have access to more powerful tools that are designed to work with the specific type of information that I’m maintaining, rather than watered-down generic tools that are designed to work on everything.

The linked Alex Payne article has moved. Here is the updated link: The Case Against Everything Buckets — Alex Payne


Ditto. I’ve also kept a free/local copy of Evernote “for old times’ sake” even though everything is moved into DevonThink. But I still use and love Skitch in both macOS and iOS iterations. :heart:

I’d like to hear more about the multiple apps you use to replace Evernote. I’m feeling like even my dependence on DT might be too many eggs in one basket. Or, um, bucket.

As I said earlier, I walked away from Evernote in 2017 or so. But a year or two before then, I found a way to determine when you started using the service, and reminded myself I started using EN within days of the public beta!

  1. Download the Legacy Evernote program. ← It can be found at that link or on this page.
  2. Log into your Evernote account. I remember there being some warnings about this being an older version. Just ignore all that.
  3. Export all your notes to an .enex file and save it on your desktop.
  4. You don’t have to use GitHub and compile your own programs. There’s a link to the binaries about 1/3 of the way down the page. This link may work to download the binary.


  1. Double click that .zip file and you’ll get yarle-evernote-to-md on your desktop.

  1. Then run that program and it pretty much walks you through the steps.

    • STEP ONE: Select your .enex file
    • STEP TWO: Under configuration, I left everything pretty much the same. All the “attachments” went into a _resources folder.
    • STEP THREE: You can set up a template to format how all the files will be generated in Markdown. I just left it as is, but there are instructions on how to edit the template.
    • STEP FOUR: Set your output location. I picked desktop.
    • STEP FIVE: Start conversion.
  2. Then do what you want with the markdown files. I dragged them all into my Obsidian vault.


Wow. Thanks soooo much !! I’ll will set on this tomorrow!!

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A small positive for Evernote. Like many, I’m migrating away from proprietary formats to PDF and Markdown. Stored in DevonThink and Obsidian.

The old legacy application had become a mess of different features on different platforms, it was an unmaintainable nightmare. V10 killed off many things we loved about Evernote, but from a long term perspective they had little choice but do something like that. Further credit, they seem to release a new update about once a week and the updates seem to be reliable. From a technical perspective that is challenging. Given time, Evernote the platform will get much much better again.

I think the key thing that turns power users off is that they’re not targeting us with automation etc. They’re targeting the general audience. My wife has look at my use of Obsidian and just doesn’t get it. She can use Evernote no problem.

FWIW I still use Skitch to take screenshots and share via the cloud. I use Evernote itself to save banking transactions with the webclipper, so my bookkeeper can see every detail.

I tried that but Monterey won’t let me run the program, How can I get around this ?

Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 9.17.51 am

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In my case, the loss of local notebooks was the final straw. EN was a great program for an iPad user. I had access to all my non sensitive data on the go and to everything when on my Mac. But without local notebooks for the data I don’t want online, it no longer worked for me. I closed my account with 8 months left on my subscription.

The have already made a lot of improvements so that is entirely possible. But Google drive, EagleFiler, and Notion has replaced everything I used to do in EN.

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Go to System Preferences on your Mac. Look for and click on “Security & Privacy.” Make sure you’re on the General Tab of that preferences item. You’ll see a note that it prevented the app from opening and a button that allows you to open it anyway.

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My annual subscription renews in July. Leaning toward ending it then, but I’d also be unplugging a lot of my wife’s web clipper usage for homeschooling, etc., and that’s always been the distinctive hard-to-replace (at the same level) feature. Hoping I can figure out a good way forward.

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IMO, Notion’s web clipper is almost identical to Evernote’s.

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Did the same. Exported all of my Evernote(s) and imported them into a Notes folder called Evernote. Spent 20-30 minutes moving my post important Evernote(s) into new Notes folders and now I just use search if I think there’s something I need from back in my Evernote days.

A shame, really. I used to pay for the full version, told friends about it, etc. It probably should have been purchased by Google or Microsoft a long time ago but all the big tech companies have their own notes apps now.


Questions about this:

Does notes OCR pdf files? That’s been very valuable to me in Evernote.
Can notes handle large file size attachments?
Can some notes folders be marked for offline viewing but others be left in the cloud? I won’t want every attachment download on every device.

I’d love to not pay Evernote, and I think these are the few items that have me “locked in.”

I’m using Evernote v10 and as of today I see I can export my notes as PDFs, as HTML, or as .enex (the Evernote format.)

– Do people consider PDFs an acceptable form of export?