Mac Power Users 464: Stephen... Who?

Of course we’ll all miss Katie, but Stephen’s Apple Mail/Text Expander trick alone got me so excited. Fantastic!

Sometimes, it’s nice to get new ideas infused into the podcast. It doesn’t make either host better or worse, but a fresh perspective is really appreciated!


It’s an easy mistake to make; each of the ATP hosts also has at least one podcast on Relay:

  • Marco - Top Four, Under the Radar
  • Casey - Analog(ue)
  • John - Reconcilable Differences

I’m pretty sure they plan episodes in a private room in the Relay Slack, haha


Great episode and excited to see what’s down the pipeline! Although Katie will be missed, I’m very excited to see what David and Stephen will do. Honestly don’t listen to Stephen’s podcasts though he’s got a great podcast voice.

Oh absolutely, very easy mistake to make. I know the ATP guys have said if they were going to be on a network it would be Relay - they just don’t have any reason to.

Extensively discussed in other threads; hot topic, best left off this thread. Here are some links for your enjoyment: posts 26, 35, 36, 61 posts 5, 6, 15, 20 posts 2 - 12, 17, 18 posts 17, 23, 26, 27, 30, 33, 41, 55, 56 most of this thread



The new team of David and Stephen is a winner. Like the David & Katie team, they come across as pleasant, lighthearted, sincere and informative. Good idea to talk about Stephan’s background - we “get to know him” as a real person.

I invite them to expand on Stephen’s hardware and networking experience to inform us in future episodes about practical networking and uses of audiovisual equipment for business, education and entertainment.


Not angry. As a big Superman fan, I would highly recommend reading “All-Star Superman” (Morrison/Quitely), “Superman for All Seasons” (Loeb/Sale), and the classic Alan Moore stories “For the Man Who Has Everything” and “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?” - these will begin to change your mind.


I enjoyed it. It was a great introductory episode and I look forward to seeing where @MacSparky and @ismh take the show.


Great job @ismh! Your energy felt excited and eager to be a part of the MPU culture.

I enjoyed hearing more about you personally, and it’s nice to know how you and @MacSparky met.

I look forward to hearing more!


We’re digging him. Good job on finding not only an Apple geek but also a great guy to cohost with you.

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I loved the rapid fire questions segment. Perhaps this is something you can include in forthcoming guest episodes? (Maybe some questions could be mainstays, and some change ?)


This got me super excited as well.

However, I set up the TextExpander snippet but can’t seem to get it to work when typing the snippet in Apple Mail. Can you help at all?

Tyler Cowen does a segment on his podcast called “overrated or underrated.” He throws out different items and the guest responds with their opinion of if the item is overrated or underrated, usually with a short explanation as to why. Guests can also ‘pass’ if they’d rather not answer.
I think this would be a nice addition to MPU.

Is it working in other apps? I’m using it in Things 3. Did you set the format of your snippet from plain text to AppleScript?

I wonder if an unsent message has a unique ID, which may be throwing off the script.

Yep, I’ve set the format to AppleScript. I haven’t tried with other apps as I thought this was specific to @ismh can you help with this at all?

You should be able to type your snippet in any app and it will expand with the URL of whatever message is selected in Mail.

I don’t know if it will work with an unsent message

I’ve had a Scansnap for several years and haven’t run into issues. The software is a little wonky but still works for me. I really don’t think David or Katie for that matter would praise it just for a sponsorship

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Ah, I misunderstood and thought you had to be in Mail with the message selected, not in another app.

When I tested, this is the output I got (the link doesn’t really work):