Office Chair Recommendation Needed

Now that I’m working entirely from home I’ve been using the chair in my study constantly. Unfortunately, it is hurting my back so I need a new chair.

Here is the thing, I need an adjustable and good quality ergonomic chair that will also fit the traditional decor of my home study. I’ve attached a picture if that will help.

Any recommendations? Thanks!

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We had a discussion about this a while back.

Sorry, I missed that thread. Thanks for pointing it out.

We (partner and I) both use Aerons. They were bought used but refurbished so a little less costly. Xan’t recommend them highly enough.

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Love the office… sorry no recommendation for chair.

I have been a Steelcase fan for years. Lots of options for different decors. Had one I used for over 30 years.

:+1: For the Aeron chair!

I work from home so it is a must. I also had to purchase one for my wife.

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We had a couple of Herman Miller chairs and a steel case. My wife now has this chair and likes it a lot. There are more choices at Relaxtheback store if you don’t like this model.

+1 for Steelcase. Just ordered a new chair and can’t wait for it to arrive.

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I got a couple-year-old Aeron on CraigsList and I really like it. I had to get the carpet-wheel kit, totally worth it. It’s not very traditional-looking, though. Unfortunately (?) it’s gonna cost me twice as much because now my wife wants one!


Love that office or study. That is beautiful. Last week I bought a Serta Arlington. It was close and at the office supply store. What pracipitated that purchase was my wife’s need for a more comfortable chair. She asked if she bought one, would I pick it up and put it together. I put her together first.

She is a happy camper. Not sure what chair it was. Our were not the most expensive chairs out there. Nor were they the cheapest.

I like that desk! The chair looks excellent but boy, a thousand dollars for a chair does seem a bit high. :slight_smile:

I had a discussion about that a year ago :smile:

I’ve got a HM Embody (liked it more for me than the Aeron). Won’t fit the decor at all, but I love it (except it is heavy. Brought it home from work and getting it through 2 flights of stairs was unpleasant).

Regardless of which you pick ~$1K seems like a lot for any of the high end chairs, you’re spending A TON of time using it. Spend $ for things that insulate you from the ground (chair, car tires, shoes, mattress) if you can. Figure you’re spending at least 30h/week in the chair, and that is ~ 7500 h over 5 years. $0.13/hr for not being sore after work is well worth it, especially as they’ll last longer than 5 years (mine is 5 years old and still seems new).


That is a good perspective. I smiled a bit from your calculations because I realized that .13 is pretty cheap to keep my buns from getting numb. :grin:

After reading this I sought out to buy a used Aeron HM chair. I found one for $350 but it was originally purchased in 2007. Can anyone tell me based on their experience if this is a good deal and if the chair is “too old”?

This gives a pretty good comparison of the “classic” version (pre 2016) and the “remastered” version.

Any used office chair can be worn out in various ways. HM sells parts for the Aeron, so you can repair just about anything on it. The parts are not cheap, though.

Also, note that the Aeron comes in different sizes, so be sure you get the right size for your physique.

Bottom line, $350 for a 13-year-old office chair doesn’t seem like a great deal to me.


Well, I pulled the trigger and purchased the Herman Miller Embody. $1,500 is a lot of money for a chair but at least it will be tax deductible and the dear wife did not fuss, much. :slight_smile:


Thomasville from Office Depot for less than $500. Seems to be well made and very comfortable. I would buy again.

I’m also in this boat. Does anyone have any experience with the “ErgoChair 2” from Autonomous? (the standing desk company)

I’d like to stay in the $250-$400 range and god do I love the way this chair looks…

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