Recommended monitors?

We are going to purchase monitors for our MacBook Pros. What do you recommend? I know Katie Floyd purchased a Dell but that was some time back if my memory is correct, and I’m thinking perhaps there are some new models we should consider.


I recently switched from dual 24” monitors to a single 27” 4K monitor and am much happier with the quality of text and graphics. Used with my 2015 rMBP, and a Mini DisplayPort To DisplayPort cable for 60Hz refresh rate.
How nice, they are currently marked down.

I really love my 27” 4K monitor from LG.

I run a pair of 24" 4K Dell U2415Q monitors (gotta love Dell’s product names :roll_eyes:) on either side of my 5K iMac. Recommended by The Wirecutter and Katie Floyd.



I picked up a Dell P2715Q (27"/4K) over two years ago that I use as a second monitor for my 2015 27" Retina iMac. I’ve been very happy with this monitor and like that it can easily be switched between portrait and landscape mode.

I recently ordered another 27" 4K monitor to use at my coworking space with my 2016 15" MacBook Pro. I ended up going with the Dell U2718Q, which is similar to the P2715Q, but with a few upgrades, including an HDMI 2.0 port. I believe that LG actual supplies the panel.



That’s an awesome set up!

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Also looking at a monitor for my Macbook Pro 2017. Was thinking about an iMac, but that seems a bit overkill when I already own the Macbook. Looking at this LG. Even got USB-C.

If you want the screen to have the same scaling as 1440p then you will need a 5k monitor and set the scaling on the MacBook to 1440p hi-dpi. Your laptop will also need thunderbolt 3.

If you want the screen to have the same scaling as 1080p then you will need a 4k monitor and set the scaling on the Macbook to 1080 hi-dpi Your laptop will also need thunderbolt 2 or 3.

When I say scaling here, what I mean is how big the icons, menus, windows look in proportion to the screen. Lower scaling = bigger objects, higher scaling = small objects.

You want to use the hi-dpi setting I mentioned above as it will give your monitor the retina look.

4k monitors choices are abundant, 5k is scarce and expensive.

If you want a 24" monitor or smaller, the 1080p hi-dpi scaling of the 4k monitor will look good. On a 4k 27" monitor then scaling will look off (objects too big).

5k 27" @ 1440p hi-dpi is great.

Apple sells both a 4k and 5k LG Ultrafine monitor. They are expensive.


So the LG I linked to will not be optimal?

I use the 32" 4k monitor from Monoprice. If anything it’s too big. If i were to start fresh right now, I’d probably look at one of the 3440x1440, 34" widescreens, so it would have less vertical and more horizontal space (physically, resolution is a tad lower).

I’m not a monitor expert, but I would do a comparison between the model you linked and the LG UltraFine. The latter is cheaper on the Apple site, probably cheaper third party.

That depends on your requirements. I care more about color reproduction and color space than resolution, so I might suggest something you might not need…

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Did you ever purchase this monitor? If so, how do you like it?

No, sorry, have not done a purchase yet. Stalled on other projects.

Hi everyone, I’m new here to MPU. Came to this community after listening to the John Gruber Returns episode and enjoy myself reading and listening to past MPU episodes.

I’m very interested in the home setup section. My recent addition is a nice widescreen monitor to the 2017 MacBook Pro Escape.

Here’s a picture of it running a nice App Wall screensaver inspired by the app wall in one of the WWDCs.

P.S. not a good idea because the MacBook Pro fan will start spinning once a while. I think it cannot drive high resolution.


Hi Chris. I hope this finds you well. You’ve helped me clarify a few things of late. I am considering purchasing the same monitor for my new mac mini. In another post you also made mention of a P2415. I think that’s what it was. Can you share what the difference is? And what had you choose the U2415 instead?

Thank you

Hello Tim. I hope this finds you well. I am getting ready to buy a 24” or 27” to replace my ~10+ year old 23” Apple Cinema Display.

I found some posts (inc this one above) where you share that you own a Dell P2715Q (27"/4K) and a more recent purchase of a Dell U2718Q (27”/4K). I am curious about your thoughts about a couple of things:

  1. What to think about when considering screen sizes especially between 24” - 27”?
  2. What differences are you noticing between both your Dells?

Well that’s cool…

Hi Neil.

I hope you’re doing well!

I’ve been happy with both of my Dell monitors. The U2718Q is what I use as my primary monitor when I’m at my co-working space and is my favourite of the two (and worth the extra cost in my opinion). The P2715Q sits beside my iMac in portrait mode.

I find that the image quality is comparable between the P2715Q and the U2718Q, but the overall design of the U2718Q is better. Specifically, I prefer the port placements for the USB hub, the smaller bezel, and the more attractive and functional stand. Both monitors will work in both portrait and landscape mode, which is a very nice feature to have.

I definitely prefer a 27" monitor, especially for a primary monitor, but it comes down to personal preference and the type of work that you do.

I hope this helps!


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Thank you Tim for answering my questions!