ScanSnap S1500M will be DOA on Mojave

My six-year-old workhorse S1500M that has never had any problems will be a glorified paperweight if I install Mojave. Aaargh!

Note on Fujitsu website:

ScanSnap S1500/S1500M Compatibility Status With macOS Mojave v10.14

ScanSnap S1500/S1500M does not support macOS Mojave. There are no plans for adding support in the future since the support for ScanSnap S1500/S1500M has already ended.


That sucks.
I threw away a perfectly good HP printer because OS X (at the time) didn’t support it.

Thats because HP is bad at updating their drivers. Not having this problem with Brother printers.

I just got off the phone with Fujitsu support and she told me that I could download the driver for the ix500 as a workaround and it should work. Caveat from Fujitsu: First see if the S1500M works under Mojave on its own. If not, call Fujitsu support - 800-626-4686, option 1 for help. If that doesn’t work, I’m switching to an Epson WorkForce scanner.

My previous version (S510M) got paperweighted by Fujitsu some years ago. I am sure this will come to the ix500 too in due course. That’s why I would be wary about replacing my perfectly functional S510M with the ix500, who knows how long before they replace that with a newer model.

My solution was VueScan. Even if the ix500 workaround works now, your days are numbered…

I have a ScanSnap S300M and it works on Mojave (most recent public Beta). I’ve had it for 10 years. Still amazed it has worked with each new version of Mac OS.

Try ExactScan. This SW shall work with Mojave.

I also have an S501M but I managed to get it working with the scansnap SW on Sierra. Have verified it with VueScan too for future OS updates. Considering whether to move to High Sierra now that Mojave is coming soon. I tend to run a rev behind just due to so much I have to verify still works.

I’m hesitant to replace my ScanSnap S1500M with the current model iX500, fearing that this model could become obsolete with a future macOS upgrade or when Fujitsu discontinues that model.

Under consideration is this workaround: dedicate my 2010 MacBook Air (running High Sierra) to scanning using the ScanSnap scanner. I could scan the documents to a DropBox folder (or maybe iCloud), then the files would be instantly available on my desktop iMac. The old MacBook Air will fetch only $125 on Gazelle and can’t be upgraded to Mojave anyway.

Cheaper than buying a new ScanSnap. :grinning: And I would be free to upgrade my late 2014 Retina iMac to macOS Mojave.


I may end up using a mid-2011 Mac mini (also not compatible with Mojave) the same way.

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Hmm… That’s annoying. It seems that with every macOS upgrade for the past few years there has been problems with Fujitsu ScanSnap software. I’ve got a S1500M and a S1100.

I did install ScanSnap Manager v6.3 L70 which I think is for the ix500 so I wonder if that would work? I haven’t upgraded to Mojave yet.

I’d hate to have to get rid of my Fujitsu scanners as they’re very useful and have been working well for many years.

Brother look to make some similar scanners which do support Mojave.

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Its not just Scansnap. Many developers neglect to update their software and wait untill every one starts to complain :-1::angry:strong text

As Melanie pointed out, always check out drivers from other ScanSnap models. I have an old S300 still running using S1500M drivers. Keeping my fingers crossed I can keep it working with something going forward.

Happy to report that after downloading Mojave my trusty S1500M is still scanning away. Of course, no telling if it will still work in a year after Mojave updates or whatever the next macOS is, but I’m good for now. :smiley:

Thanks for the good news. Would you please check to see which version of ScanSnap Manager you are using? I also have the S1500M, running ScanSnap Manager Version 6.3 L70 under macOS High Sierra. Thanks.

Have ScanSnap Manager Version I downloaded the ix500 Manager and its Online Update that mine was missing. Although since Fujitsu is no longer supporting either model, the Update feature is kinda moot now.

I deleted the 1500m software and installed the X500 and it works. Scanning just as before.

I did the very same thing. But I noticed that the iX500 drivers are also 32 bit so they will probably fail next year when “high mojave” is released. These drivers and a couple Apple apps are the only 32 bit apps reported in System Report…

I too can confirm that the S1100 and S1500M are working OK under Mojave using the latest ScanSnap Manager Software version 6.3 L70

I got the 32-bit warning though. Hopefully when they release the 64-bit version of ScanSnap manager it will work with the older scanners…

Anyone suggest software for the S1300? I tried the S1300i software but no joy.